Friday, June 26, 2020

Can I drink chrysanthemum tea after it turns green?

Chrysanthemum has the effect of lowering blood pressure, eliminating cancer cells, expanding coronary arteries and bacteriostasis, but when we make a pot of chrysanthemum tea and drink it, the color of the chrysanthemum tea will slowly change from light yellow to light green. What happened? Can I drink green chrysanthemum tea?

The chrysanthemum tea was originally light yellow

The reason why the chrysanthemum tea is light yellow is mainly because it contains flavonoids and other substances. Flavonoids are generally yellow. When brewing chrysanthemum tea, the flavonoid pigments are dissolved in the water, and the chrysanthemum tea looks yellow.

Two reasons why chrysanthemum tea turns green

1. Chrysanthemum contains chlorophyll. After brewing for a long time, the tea color turns green;

2. The light yellow flavonoids are very unstable, easily oxidized, lose their original yellow color, and become green.

Whether the green chrysanthemum tea can be drunk depends on the situation. If the environment of the tea is relatively hygienic, it can still be drunk. If the sanitation is poor, try not to drink it.

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