Thursday, June 25, 2020

Can horse meat be eaten? Why can't horse meat be eaten?

Can horse meat be eaten

Horse meat is edible. In ancient my country, horse meat has always been meat consumed by nomads on the grasslands. Until now, it is still a famous traditional food of Kazakh nationality in my country. In countries such as South America and Europe, horse meat is also a common food.

The meat of horse meat is very fresh, and the fat content is not high, and it has its unique flavor.

Horse meat has a high nutritional value, contains a variety of vitamins and proteins, can provide the human body with the nutrients necessary for growth, and can also promote blood circulation, nourish the blood and nourish the liver, and enhance immunity.

Why can't horse meat be eaten

Horse meat is not inedible, but there will be a lot of foam when it is made, and there is also a strange smell. Many people can't bear this taste, so few people eat it.

Moreover, the meat quality of horse meat is not tender, and the meat fiber is very thick. It is difficult to stew. Although it is very nutritious, it is also difficult to be absorbed and digested by the body. Therefore, compared with other meats, the edible value is not great.

Who can't eat horse meat

Horse meat is very nutritious, but not everyone eats it.

1. Because horse meat has a strange smell after being cooked, pregnant women are very sensitive to taste during pregnancy, and eating horse meat may cause the body to react, vomit, etc., but it is not good for the body and the baby in the stomach.

2. Horse meat's succulent fiber is very thick and difficult to digest. Eating it will increase gastrointestinal burden, so people with hemorrhoids and dysentery cannot eat it.

3. Horses have always been mounts of fighting nations, so people with religious beliefs cannot eat them.

4. Others say that people surnamed horses should not eat horse meat. Of course, this is just a joke for everyone.

Ordinary people should not overdose when consuming horse meat. After all, it is difficult to digest and absorb too much food at one time, which will disrupt the balance of the gastrointestinal tract and affect the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

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