Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Can eye drops be taken on the plane?

People who usually take a plane should know that there are many things on the plane that cannot be carried, especially dangerous goods and liquids. Generally, each liquid cannot exceed 100 ml, and some liquids may be flammable. Yes, people usually use eye drops. Can the eye drops be taken on the plane?

1. Can the eye drops be taken on the plane?

Eye drops can be taken on the plane.

The airline company's regulations do not say that it is forbidden to bring eye drops to seaplanes, so eye drops can be taken on the plane. Moreover, the general eye drops are only 15 ml, and it does not exceed the requirement of not carrying more than 100 ml of liquid.

2. Can I use eye drops on the plane?

It is recommended not to use eye drops on airplanes.

The plane is flying in the atmosphere, and it will bump when it encounters the airflow. At this time, the eye drops will poke into the eyes if you are not careful. Therefore, it is not recommended to use eye drops on the plane.

3. What to do if your eyes are not comfortable

Sitting on an airplane and feeling uncomfortable with your eyes can yawn and relieve. When you yawn, your facial muscles tighten and tears accumulate in your eyes, which moisturizes your eyes and relieves eye discomfort.

4. Matters needing attention

After the aircraft enters high altitude, the air pressure is relatively low, and the eyes will produce pain and other symptoms. People who have just undergone retinal detachment surgery are not recommended to take the aircraft to avoid irreparable damage to the eyes.

5. Can eye drops be dropped every day?

It is best not to drop eye drops every day.

Most eye drops contain certain antiseptic ingredients in addition to therapeutic ingredients. If eye drops are dropped every day, these antiseptic ingredients will damage the structure of the eye surface and cause irritation. Moreover, the abuse of antibiotic eye drops will cause the production of drug-resistant strains, so try not to drop eye drops every day. It is best to use eye drops according to the course of treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

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