Friday, June 26, 2020

Can Biluochun drink the first bubble? Do you need to wash tea

Can Biluochun drink the first bubble? Do you need to wash tea? Many people have the habit of washing tea. They think that tea leaves need to be washed before they are more hygienic. In fact, not all teas need to be washed. Like green tea, you don’t need to wash tea. Washing tea is generally for long ages. The dust on the tea and the falling objects need to be washed, and green tea does not have this concern.

Can Biluochun drink the first bubble?

During the tea-making period when the productivity is relatively backward, tea production mainly relies on pure hand-made. In addition to natural pollution, pollution in the processing link does indeed exist. In particular, foot-kneading tea, a processing method with low efficacy and unhygienicity, was once published in the newspapers with "photographs of Chinese tea farmers kneading tea with their feet", showing that "drinking Chinese tea is unhygienic." But today, with the leap in productivity, various advanced tea-making machinery has been applied on a large scale. Tea production has long since deviated from the purely hand-made period and entered the period of factory-based mechanized standardized production, especially in the past ten years, Numerous pollution-free tea production bases and organic tea production demonstration parks have been established throughout the country, and the quality of tea has been unprecedentedly improved. In terms of tea-making technology, fresh leaves are picked from the tea tree after preliminary preparation and refining. There are multiple procedures such as greening, frying green, twisting, baking, sifting, etc., not only to obtain the quality and grade of tea, but also It meets the hygienic standards required by the state. In addition, the national functional department has also included tea quality monitoring in QS certification management in 2007, which has greatly strengthened the detection and supervision of tea health status.

Therefore, the quality of the tea we drink today is basically very hygienic. You don’t have to worry about the hygienic status of the tea. Therefore, the first bubble of Biluochun can be drunk.

Does Biluochun need to wash tea?

During the growing process, the tea is exposed to the wind, the sun and the rain, and it is inevitable that there will be some dust on it. In addition, during the production process, in order to retain the taste, taste and nutrition of Biluochun, from picking to frying, it will not Go wash it. Of course, Biluochun is produced in the beautiful scenery and beautiful environment of Dongting Mountain in Suzhou, so it does not matter whether it is washed or not. If you are a very particular person, you can consider washing before drinking, the specific method is as follows.

Biluochun brews tea at 85 degrees Celsius. After the tea is cast, there is a layer of white flakes floating on it. In order not to affect the taste when tasting, the upper layer of white millet is filtered out, but note that Biluochun washing tea is not the first cup of tea. Pour off, but pour about half of the water and then pour it into the water at about 85℃

It is also necessary to pay attention to the time. Do not allow the tea leaves to be fully unfolded, otherwise the taste of the tea will be released in the first cup. The taste of the tea after washing will be affected, depending on the tenderness of the bud leaves of Biluochun, usually 15 to You can drain the water after about 45 seconds.

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