Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Can baby eat salt for ten months

The baby can eat salt after ten months. Under normal circumstances, babies who are four months old can start feeding supplements, but this requires a process. At the beginning, you can choose some light and easy to digest rice noodles. You can add some meat after seven months. Nine You can eat egg whites after the month. As for salt, you should wait until ten months later.

Four taboos for baby food supplements:

1. Do not add supplementary foods for babies within four months. Newborn babies do not have the function of digesting supplementary foods. Adding supplementary foods at this time will cause bloating, constipation, anorexia, and eventually diarrhea.

2. After four months, babies should start adding supplementary foods. When children grow up, eating breast milk or milk or milk powder can no longer meet their growth and development needs, and supplementary foods should be added reasonably. And at this time, the child's digestive organs function has gradually improved, and the taste organs have also developed, and they have the conditions to add supplementary food.

3. Add supplementary food according to the child's situation. The supplementary food should be gradually added according to the digestive function of the child. Any addition will cause children's indigestion or obesity, and will develop bad eating habits such as partial eating and picky eating.

4. Food supplements should not be too fine. Children's food supplements that are too fine will prevent the child's chewing function from receiving proper training, which is not conducive to the eruption of his teeth. Unchewed food can not cause the child's taste, and the cheek development will also be affected.

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