Saturday, June 27, 2020

Body scars left behind after snow

Toothpaste can be used to fill in small scratches on the body. This not only reduces the scratch marks, but also avoids the long-term erosion of the car's paint injuries by the air.

Toothpaste removes minor injuries, it really works

According to rumors on the Internet, if toothpaste really has a very good treatment effect on minor scratches, then it is really great news for many car owners who are used to "will be". Therefore, in order to verify whether this little trick is really as effective as rumors, the reporter made a DIY scene.

First, the reporter used clean water to clean the scratched areas to be treated and allowed them to dry. Then take a clean and soft velvet cloth and soak it lightly, apply toothpaste to the towel or scratch area, and wipe the scratch firmly. The reporter found that basically with a little wiping, most of the shallow scratches can be wiped clean, but deep scratches are not easy to handle. It should be noted here that you should not use toothpaste with small particles and abrasive ingredients, otherwise it will only be counterproductive.

In this regard, Wang Ziwei, after-sales service manager of Kia Motors Shenyang Tonghe 4S shop, said that this generally reduces the scratch marks, especially the white car paint, which has the most obvious effect, and can also avoid the corrosion of the car paint by the air. However, this is only an expedient measure. It can be dealt with for the time being. In the future, we still have to seriously do real car beauty or paint repair for the car.

Toothpaste can also prevent rust spots in car paint

As we all know, when driving at a high speed, as long as the small stones that other cars jump onto your car body, most of them will leave a small spot on the paint surface of your car body. If the owner does not handle it in time, Leave it alone, it is easy to rust after a long time, but it is not worth the money to go to the car beauty shop. Then, the toothpaste we usually use comes in handy.

When you find that there are new small scratches on the car body paint surface, gently apply toothpaste to the scratches to play a temporary anti-rust effect. However, don't forget to apply it again after rain or car wash.

Zhao Dongze, marketing manager of Dongfeng Nissan's Liaoning HSBC franchise store, said that in fact, it is also possible to use lacquer pens or nail polishes necessary for beauty lovers to achieve lacquer remedy.

The steps of using touch-up paint pen are relatively complicated, which requires high personal ability. When repairing, there will be a series of problems such as uneven paint surface and sandpaper over polishing, which are difficult to repair as online.

Although nail polish can effectively cover deeper scratches, color selection is a relatively big problem. Because its color is not customized according to the car, it is more troublesome to find the same nail polish as your own car paint, especially some popular colors.

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