Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Before and after ovulation, the body will send out these signals.

For pregnant women, if you want a better pregnancy, one thing you need to know is to understand your ovulation period. However, due to various reasons, some women do not know when it is their ovulation period or ovulation day. In fact, before and after ovulation, for women, these signals will be issued on the body. Don’t miss the pregnant woman, or you’ll have to wait another month.

The panties are always tidal and the amount of leucorrhea becomes more

For women with regular menstruation, the ovulation day is generally the 14th day before the next menstruation. The first 4 days and the last 5 days of this day plus 10 days on the day of the ovulation day is what we call the ovulation period. If a woman's menstruation is irregular and enters the ovulation period, pay more attention to find that the panties are always tidal and the amount of leucorrhea will also increase.

This is mainly because after the menstruation is gone, after a period of repair, the endometrium is restored. They are preparing for the ovulation period. It is precisely because the ovulation period is near that the hormones in the female body will change, so the body will secrete more cervical mucus. That is the leucorrhea we see, and it is for this reason that women's underwear will become fashionable. So for women who do not know their ovulation period, you can pay more attention to this phenomenon.

There will be a slight pain in the abdomen

For more sensitive women, they can clearly feel the discomfort during the ovulation period, especially near the ovulation day, that is, the side of the small abdomen will feel pain. There is also a more professional name "ovulation pain". Of course, women who are not very sensitive to pain may not feel very obvious.

Other women entering the ovulation period will be accompanied by slight bleeding, these are the signals from the body entering the ovulation period. If you are preparing for pregnancy, you must pay attention, otherwise you will have to wait another month if you miss the ovulation period.

After ovulation, the basal body temperature will rise by about 0.3-0.5℃

I have a friend. When the doctor was preparing for pregnancy, the doctor explained to her that she wanted to get pregnant early. You can judge whether she is ovulating by measuring her body temperature every morning. The doctor told her that if one day when the temperature was measured and found that his body temperature had increased a little, it was obvious that this was an increase in body temperature after ovulation, and it was often easier to arrange sex at this time.

Indeed, for women, their body temperature will rise by about 0.3-0.5°C under the action of progesterone after ovulation. When a woman finds that her basal body temperature has risen without any other discomfort in her body, it usually heats up after ovulation. At this time, the chance of successful pregnancy is also very high. It is recommended that pregnant women do not miss it.

Before and after the ovulation period, the female body will send out these signals. If you are preparing for pregnancy, don't miss it or you will have to wait another month.

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