Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Be careful, liver cancer is by your side

Liver cancer is divided into hepatocellular carcinoma and intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, which is one of the most common malignant tumors in my country. In 2018, there were 8,277 people with liver cancer in Chongqing, with an incidence rate of 31.05/100,000, ranking second in the spectrum of malignant tumors, second only to lung cancer; and liver cancer deaths were 8,038, with a death rate of 30.16/100,000, ranking among malignant tumors The second place in the death spectrum.

The occurrence and death of liver cancer in Chongqing are very different, and the incidence and death of men are nearly 4 times higher than that of women. Therefore, male compatriots should pay more attention to prevent the occurrence of liver cancer.

So how do you prevent liver cancer? The main points are as follows:

1. The prevention and treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection of viral hepatitis is the main cause of liver cancer in my country, and about 85% of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma carry the sign of hepatitis B infection. Hepatitis B vaccination is the most cost-effective way to prevent hepatitis B virus infection. The main targets are neonates, followed by infants and young children, unimmunized people under 15 years old and high-risk groups. Antiviral treatment should be actively carried out for those who already have viral hepatitis.

2. Do not eat moldy food Aflatoxin and parasitic Aspergillus will produce a furan coumarin derivative-aflatoxin, which is a strong carcinogen, may cause liver cancer. These two molds mainly infect peanuts and corn. In addition, some other foods may also be contaminated with aflatoxin. Because molds prefer a warm and humid environment, aflatoxin contamination in foods in East China, South China, Southwest China, and Central China is even more serious, so special care should be taken. People in these areas should pay attention to the dry and ventilated preservation of grains, oils and foods, minimize the food storage time, and eat more anti-liver cancer foods such as broccoli.

3. Reducing alcohol intake of alcohol can cause alcoholic cirrhosis, which in turn can cause liver cancer. In addition, drinking alcohol will cause people to be more susceptible to viral hepatitis, and the rate of hepatitis B infection among drinkers is much higher than that of non-drinkers. For patients already suffering from hepatitis B, drinking induces liver damage and accelerates the occurrence of liver cancer.

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