Sunday, June 28, 2020

Basic knowledge of maintenance Maintenance skills of automobile engines

The most critical part of car maintenance is, of course, engine care, and the most important way to maintain the engine is of course to let it get the most effective lubrication. Improper use of engine oil can extend the life of the engine and save fuel. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive. Owners should develop the habit of checking the oil every week, and bring the remaining oil to the car for maintenance.

At present, there are hundreds of motor oil products of various brands on the market. International famous brands such as Esso, Mobil 1, Shell, Total, etc. under Mobil, as well as domestic brands such as Great Wall, Kunlun, and Compton. From the price point of view, from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan or even thousands of yuan a barrel, various grades and viscosity signs are professional and numerous, which makes the difficulty of car owners greatly choosing oil. A random survey by reporters found that although everyone knows the importance of oil, most car owners are still in the stage of "oil blindness".

As the engine lubricant, engine oil not only plays the role of lubrication and anti-wear, but also has the functions of cooling, cleaning, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. The quality of the lubricating oil has a very important influence on the normal operation of the engine. Good engine oil, especially fully synthetic engine oil, can not only protect the engine and reduce the number of oil changes, but also save gasoline expenses. Although the price is twice as expensive as ordinary oil, it is the best choice for many car owners. If you choose improperly or just buy cheap products at a low price, it will cause early engine wear and reduce the service life of the engine. In severe cases, it will also cause vicious accidents such as "cylinder pulling and holding tiles".

How to choose oil

The owner must know the temperature environment of the vehicle when selecting the oil, and then purchase the oil according to the oil level and viscosity requirements required by the vehicle manual. Carefully check the level and viscosity label on the outer packaging of the oil product. Motor oil required above. For example, in the Sichuan area, it is sufficient to use engine oil that meets the multi-level viscosity standard SAE15W-40 under normal conditions throughout the year. The summer in Chongqing is hotter, so it is best to choose a motor oil with a viscosity of 50.

The first few thousand kilometers of the new car is called the running-in period. At this stage, the fine protrusions on the parts will be worn off, so that the matching gap of each moving part is closer and the movement is smoother. In this period, the selection of engine oil is more important. During the running-in period, the motor oil with a viscosity level of 15W/40 or 40 is generally used for running-in. After the overhaul of the new car or the engine, the fit gap of each part is uneven or too tight. It is necessary to adjust the run-in during the run-in period. If you use a larger viscosity engine oil, it is not easy to form a lubricant film on the surface of the friction pair where the fit gap is not very good And dry friction is formed, causing excessive wear, and even mechanical failures such as burnt tiles and shafts. The less viscous oil can achieve better cleaning and cooling effects due to its better fluidity. If you use a car in the city, it is a lossy driving because of frequent traffic jams. It is recommended to shorten the mileage of oil change.

Don't forget to change the oil

Every time the vehicle travels a certain number of kilometers, routine maintenance is required, and the engine oil and three filters are replaced. However, every time the oil is changed in units of one barrel, generally there will be a little left after the oil change. Don't forget to pack the remaining oil away and use it later. In this way, when it is found that the oil and liquid levels have to be replenished after a month or two, the owner can also use the accumulated oil to maintain the engine before a certain oil change to make the oil change more thorough.

Do not mix engine oil

Sometimes it is found that the oil level of the car is not enough, and it is necessary to add oil. At this time, it must be noted that it is best not to add oil of different brands or different models. The additives used in different brands of oil products will be different, and the mixed use may cause the oil products to deteriorate.

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