Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Baoma just gave birth to a baby, don’t touch something

After giving birth in October, the baby finally left her mother's stomach and came to this world, and also met her parents who will get along with them for decades to come. As everyone knows, for this moment of meeting, the mother has suffered a lot, and the baby will be very weak after birth. You must take care of it, then you must not touch some things during the conditioning, otherwise you will fall ill, and you will end up suffering yourself .

1. Don't overeating

Many people think that after giving birth, you must eat and eat very much, because you are weak, you need to supplement your nutrition. And nutrition is up, the milk of the mother will also be very sufficient, this will greatly help the growth and development of the baby. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong. Maternal still have to maintain a light diet about a week after giving birth, otherwise it will cause their own gastrointestinal motility to weaken, and the food cannot be absorbed, which will not help restore the body. Secondly, it will cause the maternal body to lose shape, and it is difficult to restore the body before the birth. Finally, there is no benefit to the health of the baby. If the mother eats a lot of fat food, the fat in the food will enter the baby through the emulsion. Since the child's gastrointestinal tract has not fully developed, it is easy to cause symptoms such as diarrhea and indigestion. .

2. Don't be lazy in bed all day

Maternal women will lie in bed for a long time after giving birth, they think that rest is the best way. In fact, there is no need to be so hypocritical. Many obstetricians recommend that Baoma slowly get out of bed three to five days after delivery to move around, or do some simple exercises on the bed, the intensity should not be too large, because it will tear open the wound and keep it every day. Thirty to sixty minutes. This can facilitate the discharge of waste in the body, it is very helpful for the recovery of the uterus and pelvic floor muscles, and can also prevent incontinence and pelvic shed. Appropriate exercise is also very helpful for the recovery of maternal body. Therefore, Bao Ma should not be lazy in bed after giving birth, and must adhere to an appropriate amount of exercise every day. This is the best practice.

3. Don't touch cold water

From the perspective of TCM health care, it is best for women to start to touch cold water forty-five days after delivery, while women who have a caesarean section have to wait for cold water after fifty-two days. Why wait so long? After a woman gives birth to a baby, the body's bones and blood will be very weak, which will cause the body's immunity to decline rapidly, and various diseases will take the opportunity to invade Baoma's body. Wind chill is a common disease. Once it invades the human body, it will cause lochia, and the lower abdomen will also be very painful, and the endocrine disorder will occur, etc., which will bring great troubles to Baoma's life. Therefore, all women must remember not to touch cold water after giving birth.

After a child is born, the woman’s body is very weak, so the family should be responsible for supervising and trying to allow the mothers in the family to do these things, so that their health will get better and better, so as not to fall sick.

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