Monday, June 29, 2020

Baby diarrhea Have you done the right care?

The water in the pediatrics department of the hospital is blocked as soon as it arrives in spring. This season is a season of high incidence of various pediatric diseases. Baby diarrhea has become a problem that mothers must face. Many attentive mothers will always prepare some commonly used drugs for diarrhea. But what mothers may not know is that care during childhood diarrhea is as important as medication. Mild diarrhea can sometimes be cured as long as the care method is proper. Conversely, the inappropriate care method will delay the timing and effect of the baby's treatment! !

It is precisely because of the importance of proper care during the baby's diarrhea, some nursing methods and common nursing errors have been sorted out, moms can see if you have done the right care?

The first point of care: give enough fluid to prevent dehydration, replenish water and avoid soup stock!

From the beginning of diarrhea, children should be fed with more water than usual, as much as they can drink, like plain water, homemade sugar salt water. Children over 6 months old can be fed tea soup and rice soup until the diarrhea stops.

Never give children high-sugar drinks, high-sugar pellets, sweet tea, soft drinks, etc., because they can make diarrhea worse.

The second point of nursing: give enough food to prevent malnutrition, and the baby will be harmful if fasted!

Follow the principle of a small number of meals, children under 6 months of breastfeeding continue breastfeeding, but should pay attention to more times than the original frequency, and breastfeeding mothers should eat fewer fatty foods; children who feed milk or milk powder. Add 2 times the normal boiling water to the milk fed; children who have added weaned food can give gruel, rotten noodles, minced fish, a small amount of vegetables, fresh fruit juice, banana puree, and add it to the food appropriately A little salt.

Do not fast children. Long-term hunger is not only not conducive to the maintenance of children's nutrition, it will further deteriorate their nutritional status, and affect the repair and renewal of the intestinal mucosa, reducing the absorption capacity of the small intestine.

Nursing point three: understand the role of various diarrhea drugs and avoid the abuse of antibiotics

Under normal circumstances, with the correct care, moms can use some common diarrhea to solve the problem. But before doing so, you must first understand the various common diarrhea drugs. Infusion therapy is only used in cases of severe diarrhea. If the baby's spirit and diet are more normal, the blogger recommends that you can use Dingguier's umbilical paste at home. The effect is good and there are no side effects. It is also convenient to use. After all, the baby still doesn't like taking medicine.

It should be noted that children should not use adult antidiarrheal drugs, because many adult diarrhea drugs have a lot of antibiotic ingredients, antibiotics have no effect on many diarrhea, and may also damage the baby's immune system.

Point 4 of care: Strengthen the cleansing and care of buttocks skin, can not use alkaline cleaners.

Children with diarrhea have increased stool frequency and should change diapers frequently. Wash your hips with warm water after every bowel movement (girls should rinse from front to back), then blot dry with a soft cloth. It is best to choose disposable diapers for children who are still using diapers. If you use homemade diapers, use soft and absorbent cotton cloth.

It should be noted that alkaline cleaners should not be used when cleaning babies. The cleaned cotton cloth should also be cleaned with a small alkaline detergent after each use. Then rinse with clean water, dry in the sun and disinfect.

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