Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Baby crying and coaxing with snacks? But these babies should stay away

Seeing the baby being disobedient and crying all the time, the first reaction of most parents is to give the baby snacks and coax them. Bao Ma thinks that even mischievous babies will be coaxed by a pack of snacks. If one pack is not enough, then come two packs. This is the case with my friend Bingbing. The refrigerator at home is full of son’s snacks, such as popsicles, ice cream, and jelly. As soon as his son is out of school, the first thing is to open the refrigerator to find snacks. Once, when his son finished eating ice cream, he screamed that his stomach hurts. He went to the doctor to know that he had eaten too much cold drinks. Parents are better to keep the baby away from these 4 snacks, the baby's physical development will be healthier.

1. Stay away from ice cream

The weather is getting warmer, and for the babies, ice cream is their favorite. But their gastrointestinal function is not perfect, and eating too much ice cream can easily cause gastrointestinal diseases. The temperature of the ice cream is very low. After the baby eats the ice cream, the stomach mucosa is easily stimulated by supercooling, which causes the blood vessels to contract strongly, leading to the disorder of the baby's gastric secretion. Secretions such as gastric acid and gastric enzymes decrease sharply, and the digestion, sterilization and immunity of the stomach will be greatly reduced.

2. Keep away from jelly

It is estimated that very few babies do not like jelly. But jelly can easily affect the baby's development, because the baby's chewing system is not perfect, jelly is too slippery to chew, easy to enter the trachea, let the baby choke. "Dangerous incidents" that occur when eating jelly occur in daily life. Therefore, when a baby wants to eat jelly when he is three or four years old, parents must break the jelly and watch the baby eat by himself to prevent the baby from swallowing it.

3. Stay away from ham sausage

Ham sausage is considered to be one of junk foods, but everyone's love for it has not diminished in any way, especially babies prefer to eat ham sausage. However, ham sausages contain a lot of preservatives and additives, and babies who are too young are not mature enough to digest these harmful ingredients in ham sausages. These harmful substances remain in the baby's body, which will affect the baby's physical development. If your baby eats too much, it will be bad for your health, and it may cause "precocious puberty". Therefore, it is recommended that parents should not buy such snacks for their babies.

4. Stay away from milk tea

Milk tea contains a lot of additives, and drinking too much will destroy the normal calcium metabolism in the body. In addition, many milk teas have added pigments and flavors, which are very harmful to the human body. At the same time, drinking milk tea can also be exciting, frequent drinking can cause tension, and too much excitement can also cause insomnia and other problems. For babies who were originally grumpy and prone to anxiety, drinking milk tea can also cause sweating, palpitations, and tinnitus in the palm of your hand.

Snacks are indispensable to your baby's daily life, and it is precisely these inseparable things that will harm your baby's health for many years. Therefore, keeping your baby away from these four snacks will make your baby's health more healthy.

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