Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Baby choking milk can cause suffocation and sudden death Baoma should learn these two first aid methods

Many women are mothers for the first time, so they lack relevant experience when breastfeeding their babies and accidentally choke their babies. So why is it easy for babies to choke milk? How should treasure moms deal with this situation?

First let's understand the reasons why babies choke milk easily. The baby’s esophagus lacks glands, the muscles of the esophageal wall are underdeveloped, and the muscular layer of the stomach is also underdeveloped, and the cardia is wide, and the sphincter is underdeveloped. Therefore, when the baby is breastfeeding, the baby is prone to vomiting. When the baby is inhaling, they will choke milk. Generally speaking, Baoma’s incorrect breastfeeding posture, breastfeeding when the baby is crying, excessive or too fast breast milk secretion, and unauthorized addition of formula milk can easily cause choking milk.

Choke milk is extremely harmful, because the baby's nervous system is not fully developed, so it is difficult to react correctly when choking milk, which may cause mechanical obstruction of the airway, and even lead to hypoxia, suffocation, and sudden death. So, how should Baomao deal with the situation of baby choking milk?

1. Increase your vigilance and be able to detect when your baby is choking milk. During breastfeeding, if the baby has vomiting, and coughs and cries constantly, and milk appears in the corners of the mouth or nasal cavity of the baby, then choking milk has occurred.

2. When the baby chokes milk, Bao Ma should timely judge the severity of choking milk and take corresponding measures.

(1) If the baby looks normal when choking milk, it means that the choking milk is light. At this time, Baoma can help the baby to lie on the side and tilt the baby’s head to the side, then pat the back of the baby with the palm of the hand. Clean up foreign objects in your baby's mouth and nose.

(2) If the baby has cyanosis when she chokes milk, that is, her complexion loses the normal ruddy color and shows a different degree of purple-blue, it means that the choking milk is serious. At this time, Baoma can take a bow and shoot the first aid. The first aid for the baby is: place the baby in the prone position on the thigh, and then support the baby's head and neck with one arm, make the baby's head and neck lower than the baby's body, and then use the other palm from the center of the baby's back Push and pat repeatedly to the head and neck to help the baby expel the milk and other foreign objects in the larynx and trachea, and then help the baby clean the mouth and nasal cavity, and stimulate the baby to cry by flicking the toes and rubbing the back. To make your baby's airway open and smooth.

It is worth noting that young babies have strong metabolism and low tolerance to hypoxia. If hypoxia lasts more than five minutes, it will often cause irreversible heart and brain function damage, so if the baby's choking milk is serious, there is a risk of suffocation At the same time that Bao Ma takes first aid measures, she must take her baby to the doctor quickly.

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