Sunday, June 28, 2020

Automatic transmission models are favored

Automatic transmission models are becoming more and more popular, and the maintenance frequency of automatic transmissions is also increasing. Industry experts point out that most car owners do not know how to properly maintain and repair automatic transmissions. Often it is not until the need for maintenance that it is found that its maintenance cost is higher than that of repairing the engine. We often encounter some transmission problems in daily-use vehicles, and there are some misunderstandings in the understanding of the engine.

Myth 1: No oil change

Many car owners have not developed the consciousness of changing the automatic transmission oil. The replacement of inferior oil and the failure to change the oil according to the model will also lead to the "short life" of the automatic transmission.

Misunderstanding 2: change only after deterioration

The replacement cycle of the automatic transmission oil is based on the number of kilometers traveled or the time of use. If the user manual of the vehicle is not specified, it should be replaced according to the mileage of 60,000-80,000 kilometers.

Misunderstanding 3: Two oil changing methods

"Hand change" is easy to operate and takes less time. The disadvantage is that the oil change is not complete, and only one quarter to one third of the old oil can be drained, which is about 4 liters.

The whole process of "machine change" takes about 1 hour and requires about 12 liters of oil. The advantage of this oil change method is that the oil change is relatively thorough, and it can drain more than 85% of the old oil.

It is worth noting that both oil change methods must be performed when the engine is started. When changing the automatic transmission fluid, it must be in a hot car during operation. It should be driven for more than 20 minutes before replacement. When changing the oil, start the engine and move the gears from P to N, D, L1, L2 and other gears back and forth before starting the oil change.

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