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Auto Maintenance Knowledge Auto Raiders Maintenance Guide

Automotive paint knowledge

Automotive paints are generally baking paints. In the car factory, the frame and body are welded. After manual repair of the body, the next process is painting. In general, the first is the primer. Immerse the white-skinned body in a syrup-like paint tank and take out the drying primer; then send it to a dust-free workshop, spray it with electrostatic painting process, and then dry it at a temperature of about 200 degrees. Some will be coated with varnish. In this way, the paint process is complete. There are several general finishes: ordinary paint, metallic paint, pearl paint. The main components of ordinary paint are resin, pigment and additives; metal paint has more aluminum powder, so it looks bright after completion; pearlescent paint is added with mica particles. Mica is a piece of thin, reflective, and it has a colorful effect. If it is a metallic paint with a varnish layer, the car paint looks very dazzling.

Focus on daily maintenance

1. Before, during and after the vehicle is used, the dust on the car body should be removed in time to minimize the adsorption of dust on the body static electricity;

2. Flush in time after rain. After the rain, the rain stains on the body will gradually shrink, causing the concentration of rainwater acidic substances to gradually increase. If the rain stains are not rinsed with clean water as soon as possible, it will damage the topcoat.

3. When washing the car, it should be carried out after the engine has cooled down. Do not wash the car under the scorching sun or high temperature, otherwise the detergent will be dried and leave traces. Usually use special detergent and neutral running water to wash the vehicle by yourself, and should not use alkaline alkaline washing powder, soapy water and detergent to prevent washing away the grease in the paint surface and accelerate the aging of the paint surface.

4. Scrub the vehicle with a clean, soft cloth or sponge to prevent the mixing of metal shavings and sand particles. Do not wipe the car with a dry cloth, dry towel, or dry sponge to avoid scratches. When wiping, it should be wiped gently from top to bottom along the direction of the water flow, and should not be drawn in a circle or horizontally.

5. Some special corrosive traces (such as asphalt, bird droppings, insects, etc.) should be removed in time. In this regard, it must be cleaned with a special cleaning agent. Do not use a blade to scrape or use gasoline to eliminate it, so as not to damage the paint surface.

Car paint repair

Generally small scratches, such as scratches on the surface of the paint, whitening of the scratches, or even if the surface of the paint is scratched into a hairline, there is no need to repair the paint. If it is light, it can be treated with car wax; if it is heavy, it can be polished.

More seriously, you can see the color of the underlying primer (for example, the white primer below). Generally speaking, the bumpers, rearview mirrors and wheel eyebrows are plastic parts, which will not rust and have little problem. If it is scratched on the steel plate of the car body, it needs to be repainted, otherwise, even a small damage, the steel plate will start to rust, and even then, even if the effect of repainting is not ideal.

Matters needing attention

First of all, all places, even in the original factory, will not use "original paint" for repair paint! If the repair shop tells you that they are using "original paint", it must be lying to you, the purpose is to improve maintenance fee. The reason is very simple: after the original painting process sprays the paint, it is baked at a temperature of 200 degrees. With so many parts on the finished car, how many can withstand a temperature of 200 degrees? But in general, manufacturers will still recommend the designated brand repair paint to the special repair station. Good repair stations also use good brands.

Secondly, the color of the repair paint is prepared before repair. The reason is also simple: your car may have been driving for several years, and the paint has begun to fade, although you can't see it. If you stop outdoors, the degree of fading will be slightly different in different directions. If you want to match the original color as much as possible, you can only adjust it now. The color matching of the computer in the large repair shop, the color difference between the paint and the original paint can not be distinguished by ordinary people's eyes, this can be assured. In addition, in order to avoid color difference as much as possible, even if you only need a small piece of paint, the repair shop will re-spray the whole piece. For example, if there is a place on the door that needs to be repaired, the upper half or the lower half of the door should be sprayed with the wiper strip as the boundary. In this way, if there is a small color difference, it is not easy to see. It's not difficult to understand why the front left side of the bumper is wiped, and the whole bumper must be painted. It can't be said that the maintenance plant is killing customers.


First wash the car, a lot of water is undoubtedly very necessary. But many times, car washers like to use high-pressure water guns to wash the paint vertically. In this case, high-pressure water may also damage the paint. In addition, it is also common to use washing powder to impersonate special car wash liquids in car washing areas. Although these injuries cannot be seen once or twice. But as time goes by, the harm cannot be ignored.

New cars are selling fast now. The car you got may have just been out of the depot a few days. The baking paint has a characteristic, it usually takes a period of time to be truly firm and hard. Therefore, don't rush to wax the new car. Three months later. Try not to use hard wax after three months. Make up the paint, it is best not to wash the car within a week

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