Monday, June 22, 2020

Are there nodules in the lungs of normal people?

Normal people have nodules in their lungs.

Pulmonary nodules are detected by lung imaging and other examinations, including chest radiographs or CT, and are found to be round-shaped changes in the lungs. Pulmonary nodules may suggest certain lesions. There are many causes of nodules in the lungs, and most of them are benign clinically, such as inflammation. Pulmonary tuberculosis caused by special bacterial infection or Mycobacterium tuberculosis, after the inflammation is cured, may leave small nodules with hyperplasia of fibrosis and calcification in the lungs, which show nodular changes in the lungs. In addition, it should be noted that relatively rare lung malignancies, such as bronchial lung cancer, can also cause small nodules in the lung.

If a pulmonary nodule is found, the cause of the pulmonary nodule needs to be further clarified, and symptomatic treatment should be performed according to the cause. Patients should pay attention to quit smoking and alcohol in daily life.

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