Tuesday, June 30, 2020

After pregnancy, these three behaviors are easy to cause contractions, pregnant mothers should remember to avoid

High emotional tension and pressure

Pregnant mothers should have heard that emotional ups and downs during pregnancy will affect the fetus in the abdomen, especially pregnant mothers who are still working in the workplace, and can clearly feel that when the mental stress is too great, contractions are likely to occur.

This is because the hormone changes in the pregnant mother after pregnancy and a series of reactions during pregnancy make the pregnant mother feel uncomfortable and her mood becomes irritable.

In addition, the relatives and friends around you will remind the pregnant mother to pay more attention to the health of the fetus. If you read more news, you will be overly nervous. Therefore, the pregnant mother must control her emotions and find a way to relieve anxiety, so as not to affect the fetus. health.

Do housework and move things

Many pregnant mothers are still not idle after pregnancy, which is a good thing, exercise is good for fetal health, but doing housework and moving heavy objects is not exercise.

Especially the activities of mopping the floor, washing dishes, moving things, and taking objects from high places that require the use of waist and abdomen and strength. Pregnant mothers must not do it. If necessary, they can call the husband to do it. Because these actions may make the waist and abdomen squeezed, it is easy to cause contractions.

In particular, moving heavy objects can seriously cause miscarriage of pregnant mothers. Therefore, pregnant mothers must not be brave. If you want to exercise, it is better to go out and take two steps. Let the husband do the housework.

Sexual life during pregnancy is too intense

Before the slim sister was approaching the due date, because there was no contraction, the doctor had suggested using the same room method to accelerate the fetus into the pelvis. This just explains the influence of sexual life during pregnancy on pregnant mothers. If it is too intense, it may cause contractions.

Of course, this is not to require pregnant mothers to abstain completely during pregnancy, but to pay attention. It is best not to be in the same room in the first and third trimesters. It is appropriate to reduce the frequency during sex life in the second trimester and control the intensity of movements. It is recommended to take gentle movements as possible, otherwise it may cause contractions.

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