Tuesday, June 30, 2020

After pregnancy, mothers in these places should go as little as possible, which is bad for themselves and their babies.

1. Cinema. The movie theater is a public place, with many people and complicated. In addition, the movie theater is closed, the air is not fresh, and various tastes fill the entire enclosed space, which creates suitable conditions for the growth of bacteria, which is not good for some physical fitness. For pregnant women, it is easy to get sick; there is also the sound of the movie theater is relatively loud, and the hearing of the baby is developing, some too loud sound will damage the hearing of the baby and cause harm to the baby.

Second, hot springs. For women during pregnancy, it is generally not recommended to bathe in hot springs or saunas. Even taking a bath, there are some restrictions on the water temperature, because the fetal baby can feel the temperature of the outside world, and the overheated water temperature will make the baby unable to bear. Pregnant women who often have the habit of washing hot springs and saunas may even lead to premature birth or fetal developmental deformities; at the same time, because pregnant mothers are pregnant with their babies, their bodies are clumsy, and the places such as bathrooms or saunas have smooth feet and are easy to fall. Moreover, the water quality is not good If it is good, it will also harm your baby's health.

3. Bar. Many women like to practice singing places, bars and other places, especially young women, even more so, but for pregnant women, for the sake of children's health and development, or avoid these places! Because the environment in these places is relatively noisy, alcoholic and smoky, ordinary people are still harmful to the body, not to mention pregnant women! Moreover, the music in the cabaret bar is louder, and the baby will be even more unbearable! Don't go there if you can.

4. Farther tourist attractions. The reason why women do not approve of long-distance travel with pregnant stomachs is because the car is the most likely to cause miscarriage, even if it is a sleeper or an airplane. Frequent bumps and tiredness of the journey can easily lead to unexpected things; and The tourist places are crowded, the accommodation is not good, and the harm to the baby is not small. It is better to turn around in a secluded park near your home. Especially for the first and third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is the most dangerous period of accidents, pregnant women must pay attention to it!

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