Tuesday, June 30, 2020

After giving birth to the baby, these parts of Baoma’s body did not become ugly, indicating a good foundation

Pregnancy and childbirth will challenge the woman's figure and beauty. After giving birth to a child, her body will be out of shape, worsened, or ugly. This is what many women have to face.

Some women even postpone giving birth in order to maintain a good figure for a few more years. It can be seen how much a child's influence on a woman's appearance. It must be said that having a baby will become ugly, it seems not so absolute.

I saw a friend with my own eyes. Within a few months after giving birth, my body weight returned to its original form, and it did not become ugly at all. What's annoying is that people also say that they can't lose weight or repair. It's really more dead than people.

If you don’t become ugly after giving birth to a child, it means that you are also born with a good foundation.

There is not a lot of hair loss after childbirth, and the amount of hair in the head is as usual

About four months after the child is born, a woman may lose a lot of hair due to changes in hormones, stress, nutrition, etc. in the body, causing the hairline to move backward. The amount of women's hair will also affect the state of youth.

However, more or less hair is not directly intervened by people. Therefore, some female celebrities have been criticized for their hair volume and hairline after giving birth, but there is nothing to do. The importance of hair to women is evident. Although postpartum hair loss is normal, even if it is a few months, many women can quickly restore hair loss.

However, many women still maintain the hair volume during the period of severe postpartum hair loss even after having children for several years. Those women who do not have a lot of hair loss after delivery and whose hair volume is still at the beginning are mostly genetically good, and others cannot envy them.

Legs have less fat and don’t get too thick

During pregnancy and confinement, women will eat a lot of high-fat foods intentionally and unintentionally, plus physical reasons can not rely on exercise to consume fat. Therefore, most women will not stop gaining weight after giving birth, and legs and hips tend to accumulate fat.

And those women who eat normally during pregnancy and postpartum, have not noticeably gained weight, and their limbs quickly recover slenderness, really have strong metabolic functions and are born with a good foundation.

Of course, women of this physique are also rare. If a woman after giving birth to a child, during the period of the fastest weight gain, the legs have less fat, and they have not become too thick compared to the original, this situation is also considered to be a natural condition.

Facial condition is good, not tired

At this stage of pregnancy and childbirth, a woman's body will encounter unprecedented challenges. If a woman's natural foundation is good enough to cope with the pressure during the baby's birth, the body may not be easily damaged and will be healthier. After the baby is born, it will be repaired quickly, and the face will not be old.

Women who are born with a bad foundation, because their bodies are very difficult to withstand the pressure from the outside world, their physical fitness will deteriorate, and if they take care of their children day and night after they are born, their facial condition will be even more haggard.

If you haven't been said to be haggard after giving birth, it is mostly because you have a good foundation and good physical fitness, which is worthy of envy.

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