Tuesday, June 30, 2020

After giving birth, these performances indicate that you will lose weight soon

Always insist on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not only good for your child, it is also good for your child's immunity. And the benefits for the mother are also great. First, breastfeeding can promote uterine contraction, reduce the chance of infection of mothers postpartum hemorrhage, and by the way can also convert some fat into breast milk, the child will take part of the calories when feeding, which is beneficial to lose weight. The key is that breastfeeding mothers work harder and will accelerate their calorie consumption, which is more conducive to their recovery.

Appetite diminishes during meals

Everyone knows that if you want to maintain a good figure, you must keep your mouth shut. The same is true for postpartum mothers who want to lose weight as soon as possible. Most mothers will not unconsciously increase their appetite in order to provide better nutrition for fetal treasure during pregnancy, so many mothers say that their appetite is better than before Most of the time, I ate more unconsciously with each meal, as if I could never return to my appetite without a child. If you eat too much, it is really difficult to lose weight.

But if you suddenly realize that your appetite is much smaller than during pregnancy, it slowly returns to your previous level. Then you steal the music, you are on the road to thin.

Bring your own baby

Believe me, if the mother is born with a baby after birth, it will either be stress obesity caused by too much pressure, or it will be overworked, not eating well, and losing weight due to poor sleep. But the latter accounted for the vast majority, after all, stressful fat also needs to eat, but many mothers with their baby alone, most of them are too busy to eat at all, coupled with poor sleep, depressed mood, and surely will lose weight Down. So if you take the baby after birth, you should lose weight soon. But such a mother is also very distressing.

You won’t feel too tired to walk and do easy work

My mother experienced the process of production, most of them will be "blood and blood loss", feeling fatigued, walking feels like floating, doing a little work, I feel very tired, I want to lie down at any time, I want to know that being lazy makes people fat . But if you start to feel the strength of the body, the spirit of taking care of the child, and the whole person is full of energy, it means that your body has almost recovered and is about to lose weight.

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