Tuesday, June 30, 2020

After birth, these kinds of "smell" in Baoma's room can't have, otherwise the baby is easy to get sick

We know that women will be sensitive to some odors during pregnancy, and may even damage their bodies due to certain "toxic gases". After birth, as a treasure mother who takes care of the baby, some "smell" should also be avoided in the room. Because there is some "smell", the adult smells no problem, and the baby may get sick easily.

Perfume smell

Many mothers have the habit of using perfume. Although they are not used during pregnancy, they do not require themselves as strict after childbirth. Like my girlfriends, I was very passionate about collecting perfumes of various scent before pregnancy. But just after the birth of the month, some perfume was sprayed on the room and clothes.

As a result, within a few days her baby started crying, showing symptoms of allergies and a lot of red spots on her skin. Moreover, after going to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that because of her excessive use of perfume, her baby's respiratory tract was also stimulated.

Every time my girlfriend talks about this, she regrets it very much. Some babies are indeed allergic to perfume, especially in the months after birth, they often stay in rooms with small spaces and poor airflow, which is more likely to cause discomfort. Therefore, the smell of perfume in Baoma's room should not be present after production.

Mosquito-repellent smell

Speaking of mosquito coils, generally used in summer. There are many mosquitoes in summer. After the baby is born, because of drinking milk powder and eating breast milk, there will be a kind of "milk sweetness" unique to the newborn, which is more likely to attract mosquito bites. Therefore, some babies born in summer will use mosquito coils to repel mosquitoes.

Although Baoma uses non-toxic mosquito coils for babies' safety, as long as it has an insect repellent effect, it still has a pungent odor. Even if it is aroma, it will cause some harm to the baby, especially the smell is relatively heavy, and it may cause dizziness and discomfort for the baby. Therefore, Baoma try not to use mosquito coils to repel mosquitoes, you can install a mosquito net on the bed, or ask your family to help repel mosquitoes manually.

Second-hand smoke smell

My classmate's husband is particularly addicted to smoking. He quit smoking for a few months while preparing for pregnancy, and he smoked again when my classmate became pregnant. Therefore, when my classmate was pregnant, she always slept with her husband.

Now that the baby is born, my classmate's husband is very happy and runs to the wife's house every day. Sometimes he will accompany the two of them at night. However, because of the excessive smoking addiction, my classmate said that her husband had a smell of smoke, and every time he approached the baby, the baby behaved uncomfortably.

On one occasion, she went out to work and asked her husband to watch the baby at home, but he didn't expect him to smoke while standing at the window of the room while the baby was asleep. As soon as my classmate entered the room, he dragged him out and had a big fight. Her husband was quite wronged, saying that she was afraid that the baby would not go out to smoke before getting out of bed, but it made her classmates angry.

We all know that second-hand smoke contains harmful gases and carcinogens, so adults must not smoke in rooms with babies. Moreover, babies are not as immune as adults and often smoke second-hand smoke, which can easily damage the respiratory system. Therefore, after the production, the smell of second-hand smoke in Baoma's room must not be there.

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