Tuesday, June 30, 2020

After the baby is born, these 4 characteristics indicate that it develops well in the womb

Recall that pregnant mothers have had countless hardships in the 10 months with their children. From the first morning sickness, when the month grows up, they restrain themselves from touching the "prohibited items" they like, and then go through a variety of Uncomfortable pregnancy reaction. When the cautious baby matures on the ground, it feels that the baby is the mother's day, and a healthy baby is the best reward for the mother's suffering. When the baby has these 4 characteristics after birth, then congratulations to moms, the baby develops well in the womb.

1. The baby is ruddy and likes to cry1. Baby looks ruddy and likes to cry

When the baby is born for the first time, he can make a loud cry, that is, the baby reports to the parents that he has a healthy birth. When the baby is born, his face is always rosy, and he likes to cry loudly, which means that the baby's body is very healthy. Sometimes crying also tells his parents what he thinks. Expressions for babies who are hungry and want to go to the toilet.

2. The baby has dark and dense hair 2. The baby has dark and dense hair

After the baby is born, the nurse will tell the parents about the baby's weight, skin color, hair and other related issues. If the baby has dark hair and is very dense, it proves that the baby has fully absorbed the nutrition supplemented by the mother during pregnancy in the womb of the mother, the body will also be healthy, and the absorption capacity is also strong; if the baby is born The hair is very small and very yellow, which means that the baby is malnourished. Many parents can judge whether the baby is healthy from the baby's hair.

3. The movement of the baby on the bed 3. Baby's movements on the bed

When the baby leaves the mother, due to the limited space in the uterus, the baby's performance is all kinds of movements, like stretching muscles and bones. If it is such a baby, congratulations, the baby's physical strength will be very good, and the energy is very energetic, when the baby grows up, the baby will explore in various ways, crawl to crawl to satisfy his curiosity This kind of baby will have a good imagination in the future and will be very good.

4. The baby's weight is around 6 pounds4. The baby's weight is around 6 pounds

I have always heard that when a baby is born, he weighs about 6 pounds, and the baby is smart and healthy. In fact, this statement is not without basis. When the baby is about 6 pounds, it is also the most suitable weight in the mother's womb. Too heavy is not good. Too heavy a baby may be accompanied by too much weight due to excessive nutrient absorption. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases; too light or not, there will be anemia and malnutrition. But if the baby is around 6 pounds, this weight proves that the baby is nutritionally adequate and healthy.

Whether the baby is healthy and smart, these characteristics after birth are not enough to explain all of the baby. When the baby has these characteristics, the parents should cultivate the baby on these characteristics; if there are no such characteristics, the parents should advise the doctor Cultivate your baby scientifically and reasonably.

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