Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A woman who "wins the prize" as soon as you touch it, these three characteristics can't be concealed, don't be embarrassed to see

When it comes to pregnancy, there are always people who are happy and who are sad. Some couples are conscientiously preparing for pregnancy, paying attention to diet, adjusting their work schedule, but their wives are unable to conceive, while some couples do not want babies, but they get pregnant at the first touch. It's really helpless, don't worry, help Mom to analyze it for you. In fact, women who "get pregnant as soon as you touch" have the following three characteristics in them:

1. No palace cold, warm limbs

The main reason why many women are not easy to get pregnant is Gong Han. Gong Han refers to "Cold Palace Cold", which can lead to women's weak constitution, irregular menstruation, and cold limbs. This is not conducive to implantation of fertilized eggs, and it is naturally not easy to conceive. On the contrary, women with warm uterus are very suitable for fetal development, and the conception rate has also been greatly improved.

2. Normal and regular menstruation

Menstruation is related to the problem of female ovulation and is an important feature of whether a woman is easily pregnant. Many women who are unable to conceive have irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. According to Bangma’s understanding, most women’s menstruation is very normal. The start and end of menstruation are very punctual, the duration of menstruation is consistent, the color of menstrual blood is not black, and dysmenorrhea rarely occurs. Such a woman's ovulation period is very easy to determine, naturally conceived.

3. Moderate weight,

In fact, the weight of a woman has a lot to do with her conception. Studies have shown that being too light or too heavy is not conducive to conception. Substandard weight will affect the secretion of the pituitary gland and reduce egg output. When the egg output decreases or does not ovulate, normal pregnancy cannot be achieved. So, within what range is it easier to get pregnant?

There is an internationally recognized calculation method, namely: body weight (kg) divided by the square of height (m), the number obtained is called body mass index BMI, BMI can reflect a person’s weight level relatively, according to "Chinese adults "Overweight and Obesity Prevention and Control Guide", China's adult BMI is more suitable between 18 and 24, less than 18 is lean, and greater than 24 or even greater than 26 is the weight, you need to control weight.

So, how does a woman who wants a baby make herself a "pregnant at touch" woman?

1. Regulate Gong Han, keep warm

There are many reasons for Gong Han. Some people are born with a relatively cold constitution. For example, when their parents are older when they give birth, and their yang is insufficient, their children often have a "cold constitution". Acquired factors include cold living environment, cold food preference, overwork or irritability leading to yang injury. Therefore, women who want a baby must pay attention to keeping warm, eat less or not cold things, exercise more to increase yang, and usually massage more Yongquan points to prevent palace cold.

2. Work out and get a good rest

A healthy body and mental state are the basis for the normal functioning of organs. Women should exercise more during pregnancy preparation to keep themselves healthy and not let themselves be too thin or overweight; work regularly and maintain adequate sleep; reasonable diet, pay attention to nutritional balance, supplement folic acid properly, and promote the discharge of mature eggs.

3. Happy mood and energetic

Women who want a baby must keep their mood happy. Excessive stress or anxiety can cause endocrine disorders and circulatory disorders, which is not conducive to pregnancy. Normally, you should relax and breathe more fresh air to avoid excessive emotional fluctuations. You should wait for your baby with a calm, relaxed and joyful attitude.

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