Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A woman has a second child around 40. These benefits will make the young mother very envious, the fact is so

A second child is born around 40 years old. Although it is already a maternal age, for women, choosing to have a second child at this time, whether it is for pregnancy or the entire pregnancy, and the recovery of the body after childbirth, may be inferior to those in many ways. Young mother.

But what can't be denied is that women around 40 have a second child, and the benefits they have in these respects are also envied by many young mothers. This is indeed the case and cannot be denied.

Can take care of children better and educate better

Women around the age of 40 have a second child. On the one hand, because they have already looked after a child, on the other hand, they have also reached the age, and they will be more mature, stable and experienced, and they will be more handy when teaching children. They can take good care of their children, children suffer less, and adults worry less.

Young mothers are different, because they are inexperienced. In most cases, they may still be a child themselves. When they take care of their children, they are often in a hurry. They may even make their children sick because of their own care. At this time, they are often envious of women who have a second child around 40 years old.

Will be more beneficial to women's mental health

A friend who had a second child born around 41 years old. After her second child was born, she obviously felt that her life was more brilliant.

This friend, her boss has gone to middle school, because she lived in school, and she has little time at home. Her husband is busy with work, and the friend feels that his life is very hopeless. At this time, he gave birth to a second child because of the baby’s Born, this friend's life is more colorful.

In a friend’s own words, she is not going to find her husband’s problems now. She takes a step back, but feels that her husband is better for her. The important thing is that her life is busy again, and she will not be thinking all day long. It is also healthier. To some extent, these are the envy of young mothers.

Economically more secure

This is also very realistic. Generally speaking, young mothers will delay their work due to pregnancy and giving birth to children, and women who have a second child around 40 years old, because they already have savings, they will be more economically guaranteed. , I will not be embarrassed by the economy, but also provide better living conditions for children, these are also envied by young mothers, the fact is true.

Postpone menopause

For women, if they have a second child during pregnancy at around 40, ovulation will be suspended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and a dozen eggs will be delayed, which effectively delays menopause. Postponing the menopause period means for women that it can be healthier, younger and more energetic. And these are the envy of many young mothers.

Although the second child is born around 40 years old, it is true that they will make young mothers envious in these respects, but it is also recommended that women around 40 years old must have a check before they want to have a baby to ensure that their body is fit again. Conception; after successful conception, the entire pregnancy period should be checked in time, especially during the second trimester.

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