Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A pain caused by pregnancy will not be easily eliminated after giving birth. 4 ways to prevent it

It is said that it is a particularly hard work for a woman to be pregnant and give birth to a child, but no one can say one or two about the specific pains. Only those who have really made a treasure mother can have a deep understanding. In the process of pregnancy, there is a kind of pain that goes along from pregnancy to the birth of the baby. This kind of pain also makes many treasure mothers collapse. Do you know what this kind of pain is?

Low back pain makes many mothers of Baoma pregnant have experience. Baomas may not feel this kind of pain at the beginning of pregnancy. As the fetus grows larger in the abdomen of Bao Ma, this pain will become more and more obvious, especially during the period of 25-26 weeks of pregnancy. As the uterus is gradually enlarged, the lumbar spine protrudes forward and the entire body The center of gravity will move forward, putting the pregnant woman's back muscles under constant tension. At this time, the treasure mothers will feel their back pain. In addition, the degree of pain caused by this kind of pain varies according to the weight of the pregnant woman. Some mothers are so unbearable that they even go to the hospital for treatment. Help mom tell you what pregnant mothers should do to prevent low back pain during pregnancy?

1. At the beginning of pregnancy, it is necessary to enhance the bearing capacity of your spine

During this process, pregnant women can properly consume calcium tablets, eat more sun, supplement vitamin and protein powder intake, and eat more qi and blood foods, which can enhance the fitness of the spine while enhancing physical fitness. Only when the capacity of the spine becomes stronger can the pregnant woman transfer the weight of the uterus to the spine to withstand the pressure, which can relieve the back pain of the pregnant women.

2. Develop good habits

The so-called good living habits include not being overworked, not staying up late, smoking and drinking. Pregnant women have a healthy body in order to provide a healthy place for babies to nurture life. During pregnancy, pregnant women should rest more if they feel uncomfortable, learn to combine work and rest, and maintain a happy mood.

3. Sleep hardboard bed, wear flat shoes, when necessary, you can put pillows on the waist and back

We may suffer from cervical spine pain when we usually work. At this time, our family will suggest that we sleep on a harder bed. The pillow cushion should be lower to extend the cervical spine, and it will feel more comfortable. The opposite is true during pregnancy. Back pain is caused by the weight of the fetus and uterus squeezed on the human spine. As long as the pressure on the spine is dispersed, the pain in the lower back will be relieved. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers who have conditions can choose U-shaped pillows to share the weight of the waist and back. You can also find a soft pillow on the waist to support the waist and back to help the pregnant mother support the body weight.

4. If the pain is really serious and you need to rest in bed, you can apply a hot compress. If it still does not relieve, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination

During pregnancy, if the pregnant woman still feels pain in the lower back after a break, the pregnant woman can also use hot compresses to accelerate blood circulation. The blood circulation is faster, the vitality of the back is enhanced, and the pain will naturally be reduced. The pain in the lower back is different for each of the treasure mothers. Some people have milder conditions, while others have more serious conditions. Pregnant women who are too severe can go to the hospital. Take appropriate medical measures.

During pregnancy, mothers have been very hard, and the pain in the back has made Bao mothers suffer from the unbearable pain of ordinary people, so I hope that all fathers will love their children and wives more!

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