Tuesday, June 30, 2020

"A flower before childbirth, bean curd after childbirth", the baby is accelerating the aging of women, have you taken the trick?

How much does having children affect women? It's not a simple change in appellation. Although before the birth of a child, a woman may be a child herself, but after giving birth, she is a mother, and she must be brave to take on the duties of a mother. These are beyond reproach.

But for women, one of the effects of having children on themselves is to accelerate aging. As the saying goes: a flower before childbirth, bean curd residue after childbirth. Although there may be some exaggerated ingredients, it is also very apt.

Before and after giving birth, "one flower" becomes "tofu dregs". The reason for this is, on the one hand, that because of the changes in hormones secreted by women during pregnancy, their physiological aspects will accelerate their aging accordingly.

On the other hand, there are some other factors after childbirth, and many aspects are "contributing" to women's aging. See if you are also successful?

While taking care of children, you also need to work and live

The reason for this can be said that every woman needs to face after giving birth. On the one hand, it is necessary to take care of the children, especially in the first year after the child is born, the hardships in all aspects are unavoidable.

Furthermore, there are many women. For various reasons, after giving birth to a child, while looking after the child, they have to work and live between themselves. If so, it can be said that it will be more difficult. And these will accelerate the aging of women.

In addition, after having a child, because of the raising of the child, the older child, the education of the child, etc., if the young people and the previous generation have different ideas, in order to better raise and educate the child, and to maintain family relations Women often spend more time and effort in various aspects, which will accelerate the speed of their aging.

Poor rest, tired and tired

After having children, many women will also face the problem of lack of time and poor rest. When the heart is tired, the body is always overdrawn. Invisible, these will accelerate the aging of women.

Because of the more time needed to take care of children, plus other trivial things in life, women must continue to reduce the time they spend on themselves, have no time to shop for themselves to buy clothes, or even have time to makeup themselves.

This is totally incomparable compared with the time women spent a lot of time on skin care, especially before they had no children. Therefore, there will be the frustration of "one flower" before birth and "tofu dregs" after birth.

The body may be damaged after childbirth and also accelerate its aging

Having a baby is a normal thing for women, but having a baby can also damage women's health to varying degrees. These declines in bodily functions will accelerate their aging. Especially when confinement, if you do not pay attention, leaving some sequelae on the body, it is even worse.

On the other hand, before and after giving birth, for women, body shape is also a big problem, which will make women look more aging.

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