Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A few words often said by the doctor in the delivery room, pregnant mothers should understand in advance, which can save a lot of trouble

There are many things that women need to pay more attention to after they are pregnant. Not only should they be careful about their movements, but they must also start to understand the knowledge of pregnancy, otherwise they may have some bad behaviors for the baby. The date of their last menstrual period is the most It’s good to remember that the doctor can estimate the expected date of delivery based on this date, and also understand some things that the doctor in the delivery room will say when giving birth, otherwise the doctor will say these words when he is giving birth, but he doesn’t understand , May resist acceptance, and may even cause some trouble in production.

1. "Open three fingers" 1. "Open three fingers"

When I was about to give birth, I had been staying in the hospital waiting for delivery. One afternoon I suddenly felt a warm current in my lower body. I probably knew that the amniotic fluid was broken. I was about to give birth. I quickly asked my husband to call a doctor and the doctor checked I said that I will do an internal examination in a while, and I told the doctor next door that I can enter the delivery room after "opening three fingers". I can understand a lot of pregnancy knowledge in advance, but I really can't understand this sentence. I can only guess it literally. Afterwards, a doctor came to do an internal examination for me, and I knew what it meant. Afterwards, I was a little scared to hear a doctor say a few fingers.

In fact, the term means that the opening of the uterine mouth is checked by internal inspection. If you reach the "three fingers", you can enter the delivery room, but this is also related to people, and the standards for different people are not the same. "Ten fingers" is also a sentence that the doctor will say. This is the standard for judging whether the mother is about to give birth. When the cervix is ​​opened to about 10 centimeters, the baby can come out. At this time, it is basically in the last stage of labor.

2. "Shang Palace Contraction" 2. "Shang Palace Contraction"

When it comes to contractions, pregnant mothers should all know that this is a situation that will appear when the body is about to give birth, but many people should not know what this is when it comes to "upper contractions." In fact, in simple terms, it is necessary to administer oxytocin. If the doctor said this to you during delivery, it means that it is difficult to give birth to a baby by your own strength, because there is no strength in contractions, and after oxytocin It can stimulate the uterus to contract and help the mother to give birth to the baby earlier. If the maternal contraction occurs during labor, it means that the birth contraction is not smooth, and the contraction will become stronger after the injection, and the maternal will feel more painful.

3. "Perineal side incision" 3. "Perineal side incision"

Before listening to a friend talk about her giving birth, because her pelvic skeleton was too small, the baby was a little bigger, and she didn’t give birth after a long time, and she was almost exhausted and continued to give birth. At this time, the doctor said to After doing a "perineal side incision", she thought it was time for a caesarean section. She was scared and told the doctor "I don't want a caesarean section, I want to try again". After listening to the doctor, she told her what a "perineal side incision" , My friend only accepted after understanding.

The doctor should do this during labor to help the mother give birth to the baby quickly, and at the same time prevent the perineum from tearing. If the mother does not understand what this means, and is very resistant to doing so, it will delay the operation of the doctor. Time, the baby may be in danger in the stomach, so be sure to know what this means in advance.

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