Wednesday, June 24, 2020

9 magical uses of vinegar

Scrub the bottom of the pot

The various pots at home have been used for a long time. The bottom of the pot is always dark and unsightly. It is very ugly, and the cooked food will not be so "original". No matter how you scrub. Don't worry, just scrub with vinegar. Pour some vinegar into the pot, add some more water, add hot boiling to the stove, the last scrub, the stain on the bottom of the pot is gone.

Wipe the glasses, there is no trace of the glasses

The most annoying thing for people who wear glasses is that even after cleaning the glasses, they can't wipe them clean on the lenses, leaving a lot of marks. After wearing the glasses, their eyes are still hazy. If you want to clean and wipe, it is best to add some vinegar to the cloth. The vinegar can easily remove the traces and ensure that the glasses are "clear and innocent".

Refrigerator odor, remove all kinds of odor

There is a smell in the refrigerator, a smell in the shoe cabinet, and a musty smell on the bookshelf. Then try it with vinegar! Keep "Vinegar to taste removal". The irritating sour taste of vinegar can cover all kinds of taste. Of course, it is best to put edible vinegar in a bowl and put it in the cabinet. The longer the time, the better the effect.

Let the sewers no longer block

I didn’t expect that edible vinegar can help a lot, and can clear the sewers. It’s amazing! Every time the sewer at home is clogged, ask the workers to come to the door, and it won't be possible without spending three or two hundred. Now, there is finally a God weapon. In fact, it is not magical to think about. The vinegar contains acidic substances. Pour it into the sewer to soften many of the clogs. Finally, when the water is flushed, the objects will "snap" and run away.

The flowers in the vase live longer

It's birthday again, and many people will receive vases and bright flowers from their friends. However, no matter how beautiful the flowers are, they can only be opened in a vase for a few days, which is a pity. Is there a way to keep the glory of flowers forever? Then come the handy vinegar! Add a little vinegar to the vase water and shake well. The mixture of vinegar and water has a fresh-keeping effect. It can protect the flower stems and eventually let the flowers live longer.

Clothes without pleats

The clothes have pleats, and the first thing that many people think of is to smooth them with an iron. Of course this is fine, but it is more troublesome. Plug in the iron and wait for heating before you can support it. Is there a more convenient way? Haha, edible vinegar will help you. Pour the edible vinegar on the place where the pleats are on the clothes. Then let them dry for a while, and all the folds will magically disappear!

Remove residual adhesive

At home, you often paste drawings or sticky hooks on the wall, and tear them off when not in use, but it is always incomplete. A lot of sticky glue will be left on the wall, which greatly affects the appearance. How to do? Apply vinegar to the viscose. The viscose soon succumbed and fell down.

Clean dishes

When washing dishes, if there is too much oil in the bowl and a lot of detergent is used, it may not necessarily be clean. Don't worry, the quickest and most convenient way is to pour some vinegar into the detergent. Some acidic ingredients in edible vinegar have a sterilizing function, which can quickly remove oil stains.

Drive away fruit flies

Many families often have fruit patrons to "patronize" and they can't beat them, can't get rid of them, and "buzz" to fly everywhere. Not only does it pollute the environment, but it also makes people susceptible to sickness, which is really annoying. Treat it with chemical drugs, worrying about harm to the human body. Then use edible vinegar, pour the vinegar into a bowl, put it on the table, open the window, and it won't take long for the fruit flies to flee.

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