Monday, June 22, 2020

9 habits that easily induce myasthenia gravis

On February 29, 2008, the EU-China Rare Disease Organization launched the first International Rare Disease Day. This time point was chosen because it is a day that only appears once every four years, and the meaning is rare. Thereafter, the last day of February is designated as International Rare Disease Day.

Up to now, there are six or seven thousand rare diseases confirmed in the world, accounting for about 10% of the total human diseases. Rare diseases in China involve tens of millions of people. Among them, myasthenia gravis was included in the "China Rare Disease List" in May 2018.

So, many seemingly normal lifestyle habits may induce myasthenia gravis. Are you making these mistakes about "health"?

1. Swipe the phone: walk to watch, go to work, go home, and sleep... eye fatigue, such as dryness, blurred vision, dazzling, double vision, orbital pain, even drooping eyelids, inflexible eyeballs, strabismus, etc. ? Have you looked down at your phone all the time and your cervical spine is seriously discomfort?

2. Catch up: Popular trends vary from year to year. The most unreliable spectrum in 30 years is "low-waist pants", "does not wear trousers" and the "bare-footed neck" that was just emerging at the end of 2016. The gas is colder, unlike the volcanic geological geothermal of Japan, and it does not want the strong heating in Europe, America, Russia and Russia. Have you waited for your bare feet in the biting cold wind and "Spring Cover"? Do you wear low-waisted pants and feel air-drilled into your clothes?

3. Miscarriage: After the Valentine's Day of collecting chocolates and flowers, I received a "by-product", whether it is "painless" or "artificial", do you know his terrible harm?

4. Weight-loss pills: If you want to lose weight, you can't control your mouth, and you are too lazy to exercise. If you take medicine once and for all, you will lose weight. Do you know the ingredients of the medicine? Do you have severe diarrhea after taking the medicine? Are there any dizziness, nausea and anorexia?

5. Mini plastic surgery for tooth extraction: For a "Fan Bingbing" face, the posterior molars were removed. Did you go to the regular dental hospital with first aid measures? Do you know what kind of anesthetic is safe to use? Do you understand the possible consequences of anesthesia machine?

6. Alcoholism: Friends can't help drinking together. They can't drink for social purposes. They can't drink for classmates' parties. For various reasons that they can't quit, they often get drunk.

7. Stay up all night: It's too early to sleep at nine o'clock, the nightlife has just begun, I'm still young, it's okay to write things in order to catch up with copywriting at night, so... Go to bed at one or two in the morning, and forget that God will go to bed after nine o'clock, and you It is an "owl". Are you overdrawn and exhausted?

8. Emotional stress: Life is always time to know where to go in a blink of an eye, all kinds of busy, tense rhythm, life can not be seen in the busy, the disease is but the emotional "soft persimmon" pinch, in various concerns During your house car ticket business, did you care about your mood?

9. Chemical pollution: the temptation of all kinds of hardcover and luxury, all kinds of dyeing and various makeup look beautiful, what ingredients have you paid attention to? All kinds of electronic products look very cool, did you consider radiation?

These lifestyles are too close to everyone!

There is a rare disease: you can't carry vegetables, you can't twist your clothes, you can't get on the steps, you can see the ghosts of things, you need to "free fall" when you eat, you will choke when you drink, and you don't even have to lift your eyelids and breathe... When humans discovered it in the 17th century, his death rate was as high as 90%. There was no treatment, and the word "severe" was labeled, and he did not know why he came.

This is clearly recognized as a "neuro-immune" disease, caused by conduction disorders in the nerve and muscle streets. It is called "myasthenia gravis".

It is a representative of rare diseases of chronic diseases. There is no medical genetic indication. 50% of the patients have onset in young people. Most of the patients are in a state of sub-health or rhythmic hyper-fatigue for a long time before onset.

Because the initial symptoms (such as diplopia caused by ocular muscle weakness) are easily confused with eye diseases and cervical spondylosis (neck weakness), about 70% of patients are diagnosed for more than one year.

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