Thursday, June 25, 2020

7 tips for people with different physiques to choose quilts

1. Love to sweat and cover the duvet

The duvet is lighter, the quilt of the same volume, the weight of the duvet is only 1/3 of the quilt, 1/2 of the wool quilt, has good thermal insulation, moisture absorption, perspiration. The down fiber has thousands of breathable triangular pores, and the surface layer contains waterproof grease, which can automatically shrink or expand with the change of outside temperature and humidity, quickly absorb the body's sweat and moisture and quickly evaporate, keeping the quilt clean and the body Dry. Therefore, the duvet is especially suitable for people who live in the humid south and sleep and sweat.

2. Sleeping is not honest, covered with wool quilt

The wool fiber is elastically curled and can absorb moisture equivalent to 1/3 of its own weight, which is comfortable and warm. Wool also has a good drape, so it has a good fit, especially for those who do not sleep honestly, such as love to push the quilt, to prevent a cold from waking up.

3. Chemical fiber is most hurt to the skin

The so-called thin and warm chemical fiber is cheap, so many people will buy it without hesitation. As everyone knows, it is easy to produce static electricity in dry autumn and winter seasons like chemical fiber clothing, which is irritating to the skin and can easily cause rough skin, sensitivity, acne, and scaling.

4. Allergic constitution, covered with silk quilt

During the growth process of silkworms, they should not be exposed to chemicals such as pesticides, and the manufacturing process is less polluted. Therefore, silkworms are considered to be the most environmentally friendly and natural quilts. The silk is light and thin, and it will not make people breathless when sleeping, which is a boon for patients with respiratory diseases. In addition, the "hydrophilic side chain amino acid" in the silk quilt can quickly and effectively absorb moisture and keep it dry to achieve the effect of preventing rheumatism and arthritis.

5. Quilts are cheap but oppressive to breathe

Quilts are the most traditional and most widely used quilts. They are affordable, fluffy, and have excellent thermal insulation. Many people like the quilt and warmth of quilts on their bodies. However, it is bulky and impermeable to air, and it will oppress the chest, resulting in reduced vital capacity. It is not suitable for those with chronic respiratory diseases and easy breathing difficulties. In addition, the bulky volume will also affect the rollover and reduce the comfort of sleep.

6. Extremely afraid of cold-covered camel hair quilt

Since the environment in which camels live is a desert with strong solar radiation, great temperature difference between day and night, and camel hair has ideal heat insulation and humidity adjustment functions. Camel hair fiber has high fineness, excellent heat retention, good breathability, good elasticity and fluffiness, and is suitable for use in wet and cold areas.

7. Although the linen is good, don't cover it in winter

Linen has the characteristics of good hygroscopicity, no static electricity and good ventilation. Flax is a plant's cortical fiber. Its function is similar to that of human skin. It has natural properties such as protecting the body and regulating temperature. It is a "free breathing textile". But linen bedding is best used in summer and has the reputation of "natural air conditioning".

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