Monday, June 29, 2020

5 conditions of high ground temperature in summer are prone to burst tires

The weather in spring is getting warmer and warmer, and the staggered flow of cooling and heating also brings windy and dusty weather, which brings great inconvenience to people traveling by car. When the time is clear, many car owners choose to travel by car. While feeling the breath of spring, there are a few points to note when driving a car:

First, there are many dusty weather in spring, which is easy to cause the driver's vision to be unclear. Traffic police reminded that when driving a motor vehicle, please consciously abide by the traffic rules. When the surrounding environment has low visibility, you should turn on the vehicle headlights, fog lights and hazard warning flashes according to the situation to reduce the speed of the vehicle and avoid overtaking.

The second is that there are more windy weather in spring. Traffic police reminded that when parking, you should stay away from buildings, dead trees, billboards, and when driving across bridges and other special terrain, hold the steering wheel firmly to avoid cross winds.

Third, there are many rainy weather in spring, the road is wet and slippery after the rain, the tire adhesion coefficient is reduced, and the braking distance is extended. The traffic police reminded you to observe the road surface while driving, slow down, listen to the weather forecast and road conditions at any time, and take necessary traffic safety precautions.

Fourth, when driving long distances in spring, the continuous driving time should not be too long. The traffic police reminded that if you feel tired while driving, you must stop in the service area and rest. You can apply appropriate amounts of cool oil or wind oil to the temples and forehead to dispel the drowsiness. You can also open the car window to maintain air circulation and turn on the car radio to avoid fatigue driving.

Summer is here, driving in Guangzhou, the high temperature of the road can even cook eggs, in this case, the vehicle is most likely to have a flat tire accident. Many car owners have such questions: Is there any way to effectively prevent tire puncture and other failures? Summer tire maintenance has become the focus of all car owners.

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5 kinds of easy "flat tire" situation must be careful

If you have never checked the tires, then summer is here and you have to drive your car into the factory to check it out. If you usually encounter the following situations when using the car, then you have to be careful about the flat tire.

1. The temperature is high. Once the road surface temperature rises, the friction between the tire and the road surface causes the tire surface temperature to be very hot. Under thermal expansion and contraction, the tire carcass rises and becomes thinner, and then-a flat tire occurs.

2. The vehicle is overloaded. If the tire pressure is high, overloading is more likely to induce a flat tire.

3. The tires are in poor condition. Needless to say, if your tire is excessively worn, aging, cracked and traumatized, it can easily puncture.

4. Speeding. Overspeed can also cause a tire to burst? Of course, the speed limit of the tire is determined by the manufacturer's strict calculation. Over-speeding for a long time, the tire temperature rises rapidly, the rubber quickly ages, and the tire is very easy to burst.

5. Road conditions are not good. The uneven road surface or the road surface with a lot of gravel is very damaging to the tires. It is also common for vehicles to run flat at high speeds due to sharp stones or sharp objects rubbing and impacting on the road surface.

Once the puncture rescue time is short

The cause of a flat tire is mostly caused by the tire pressure. Experts pointed out that the so-called flat tire refers to the situation where the tire suddenly loses air due to rupture in a very short time (generally less than 0.1 second), and a flat tire may occur at any time. For a vehicle, a flat tire is even more terrible and will cause more serious accidents. Because when the vehicle has a flat tire, the time for the owner and the personnel to take self-rescue is very short. At this time, the car has lost control, and there will be a rollover, a crash, or even a combustion explosion due to friction, and the tragedy of instantaneous car destruction. Studies abroad have shown that when a car punctures when driving at a speed of more than 160 kilometers per hour, the death rate of driving members is close to 100%.

Preventing flat tires: starting with daily maintenance

It is best to bring your own simple tire pressure gauge, the general operation is quite simple. Pay attention to the temperature and air pressure of the tires when driving under high temperature conditions. There are detailed regulations in the instruction manual. Ensure the specified air pressure standard before each long-distance drive. If the tire pressure is found to be insufficient, it should be replenished in time, and it is absolutely not possible to run for a long time, as this will accelerate the wear of the tire.

Generally, the service life of tires specified by manufacturers is between 80,000 and 100,000 kilometers (or about 5 years), and it is necessary to develop regular inspections of tire wear.

When driving on a high-temperature road for a long time, take a break after a while and park the car in a shady place to reduce the temperature of the tire before continuing to drive. Never use cold water to reduce the temperature of the tire. Each part of the tread and sidewall rubber layer shrinks unevenly and cracks occur.

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