Thursday, June 25, 2020

22 practical tips in life

1. Before frying the eggplant, boil it with boiling water or pickle out bitter water with salt so that it does not absorb oil

2. Turn the mango on the gas stove for a few seconds, then the peel is very good. The tomato is peeled and scalded with hot water, the peel is easy to peel off

3. Ordinary iron pan, when you need to fry things, first put the pan on the fire and heat, pour a small amount of oil, pour out the oil after heating, and then pour cold oil, it becomes a non-stick pan

4. When braising pork ribs or soup, put some vinegar, which is beneficial for calcium absorption

5. Large bottles of cola that can't be drunk can be put upside down to make it less likely to leak

6, steamed rice, add a few drops of raw oil to the pot, stir, the steamed rice is one grain after another, delicious, and non-stick

7. When making pork chop or beef steak, soak the meat pieces in Coke for 10 minutes before cooking or frying, the meat will be easy to crisp and delicious, and will not leave the taste of Coke

8. Put a little bit of flour when washing black fungus, it will wash a lot of dirty things

9. When washing peaches, put a little alkaline surface in the water, the peach hair naturally floats on the surface of the water, and the hands are not itchy after washing, so the peach is absolutely clean

10. Put some starch when washing the grapes, and rub it casually, you can completely wash the grapes.

11. Put the walnuts in the pot and steam for ten minutes, take them out and put them in cold water, then smash them, you can take out the whole peach kernel

12. Put the eggs into the bowl, add a little warm water and stir well. When pouring into the oil pan, drip a little wine into the pan to make the fried eggs fluffy, tender and delicious.

13. Excessive consumption of raw onion garlic will stimulate the mouth and stomach, and is unhealthy. It is best to add a little vinegar before consumption

14. Put the shrimp into the bowl, add a little salt and edible caustic powder, rub it for a while, soak it in clean water and rinse it. The fried shrimp will be transparent like crystal, tender and delicious

15. Make dishes such as beer duck and braised pig's trotters. When braised with water, pour it from the wok into the rice cooker. The meat is tenderer, more fragrant and smoother.

16. Before peeling the garlic, soak the whole garlic head with water, it is very easy to peel

17. Drinking yoghurt can relieve irritability after drinking. Yogurt can protect the gastric mucosa, delay alcohol absorption, and is rich in calcium. It is especially effective for alleviating irritability after drinking.

18. When frying the meat, first soak the meat in baking soda for more than ten minutes, pour the water and then taste it, it will be very tender and smooth

19. The sweet potatoes are rubbed into filaments, the taste is very unique when fried, and the effect of the intestines is very good

20. When cooking dumplings, put a green onion into the pan and cut it into several sections, the dumplings will not stick to the pan

21. Use a knife to cut sticky things (rice cakes, rice cakes) before dipping the knife in cold water, it will not stick at all

22. Re-cooking method of raw rice: use chopsticks to pierce some holes in the rice directly through the bottom of the pot, sprinkle with a little rice wine and simmer, if only the surface is raw, just turn the surface layer to the middle and stew.

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