Tuesday, June 23, 2020

20 common sense of eating health must know

1. Eat more fiber and lose calcium!

Excessive dietary fiber increases the speed of food passing through the intestine and reduces the absorption rate of calcium; studies have shown that when the diet of two adults changes from fine bread with low fiber content to coarse bread with high fiber content , Calcium (magnesium, zinc and phosphorus) with a negative balance.

2. Eating meat and eggs madly, causing iron to get out!

Most children now love to eat all kinds of meat, but they don’t like vegetables and fruits. Parents also believe that as long as you eat more fish and eggs rich in iron and zinc, it doesn’t matter if you eat vegetables and fruits. The result: Not only does the child's weight "chase up", it also suffers from iron-deficiency anemia. Because the iron in the lean meat, animal offal, and egg yolk that people eat is mostly ferric iron, it is not easy to be absorbed by the human body, only when there are vitamin C and sour substances (rich in malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, etc. In the presence of organic acids, it can be fully absorbed and utilized by the human body only when it is converted to divalent iron. Vitamin C and sour substances are most contained in vegetables and fruits (such as kiwi, lemon, fresh jujube, jujube, orange, strawberry, apple). If you only eat lean meat, animal offal, egg yolk and other foods, but not eat or eat less vegetables and fruits, the iron in these foods cannot be absorbed and used by the body, resulting in a great waste of nutrition and iron deficiency. anemia.

3. Calcium and phosphorus imbalance "drive away" calcium!

The imbalance of calcium-phosphorus ratio is the culprit leading to the current lack of calcium. Normally, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the human body is 2:1. However, in real life, people consume too much carbonated drinks, cola, coffee, hamburgers, pizza, wheat germ, animal liver, french fries, etc. Phosphorus foods, the intake of phosphorus often exceeds calcium by more than 10 times, making the calcium: phosphorus ratio as high as 1:10-20, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is seriously unbalanced, so that too much phosphorus in the diet will desperately Of calcium "catch" out of the body.

4. Drugs cause nutrient loss!

Most female friends who use birth control pills may not yet know that birth control pills can block vitamin B6, B12, folic acid and vitamin C. The progesterone in the birth control pills will block the function of vitamin B6 and hinder the absorption of folic acid; aspirin will cause Vitamin C excreted from the body increased by 3 times compared with the normal amount. A lot of vitamin C supplements will "flee" the folic acid in the body. Antiepileptic drugs can also hinder folic acid absorption. People who take antibiotics for a long time will lose vitamin B group and vitamin K, affecting gastrointestinal function; cold medicines and analgesics will reduce the content of vitamin A in the blood; flavonoids and cholesterol-lowering drugs will affect folic acid absorption. Diuretics and laxatives taken by hypertensive patients and nephritis patients will cause a large loss of calcium, potassium and vitamins in the body; people with stomach ulcers and hemorrhagic anemia, patients taking antacids and alkaline drugs will cause Mass loss of trace element iron.

5. Smoking and drinking nutrition slip away!

Long-term smoking and drinking destroy the vitamins necessary to maintain good health. Smoking destroys vitamin C in the body, a nutrient that can prevent cancer and heart disease. Smoking half a pack of cigarettes per day will destroy 25-100 mg of vitamin C in the body; drinking more than one cocktail a day and enjoying the fluttering price is to consume vitamin B1, B6 and folic acid in the body, and the lack of vitamin B1 for alcoholics is also quite common.

6. VitC effervescence, will you use it?

Ms. Li, who works in the company, pays attention to nutrition. After drinking a large cup of vitamin C-rich drinks (such as TANG Guozhen or vitamin C effervescent tablets) with boiling water, it is unclear why the gums bleed after a tooth brush. She was very scared, so she came to consult. It stands to reason that Guozhen or Vitamin C effervescent tablets are rich in vitamin C. Why are there symptoms of bleeding gums? It turned out that vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which is not very stable. Taking a drink with water above 80°C will severely damage vitamin C, let alone boiling water at 100°C. Use boiled water to make a drink rich in vitamin C, and the vitamin C content in the belly is almost empty. Therefore, instead of using boiling water, use warm water to flush drinks rich in vitamin C.

7. Calcium supplement does not supplement magnesium, regret it after eating!

When people supplement calcium, they only pay attention to supplementing vitamin D, but often do not know to supplement magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are like a pair of twin brothers, always appearing in pairs, and the ratio of calcium to magnesium of 2:1 is the most conducive to the absorption and utilization of calcium. Therefore, when supplementing calcium, don't forget to add magnesium. Foods rich in magnesium are: nuts (such as almonds, cashews and peanuts), soybeans, melon seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds), cereals (especially rye, millet and barley), seafood (tuna, salmon, mackerel) Fish, shrimp, lobster).

8. Big fish and meat "eat" calcium!

A high-protein diet is the cause of osteoporosis. Someone has done such an experiment: A: Ingesting 80 grams of protein per day will result in the loss of 37 mg of calcium; B: Ingesting 240 grams of protein per day with an additional supplement of 1400 mg of calcium will result in 137 mg of calcium Churn. This shows that extra calcium supplementation cannot prevent calcium loss caused by high protein. This is because excessive intake of acidic foods such as big fish and meat makes people easily have acidic constitution. The body cannot withstand the drastic changes in the pH of the blood, so the body uses two main alkaline substances-sodium and calcium-to neutralize. When the sodium in the body is used up, it will activate the calcium in the body, so excessive intake of large fish and meat without paying attention to the acid-base balance will cause a large amount of calcium to be lost. This is also the reason why those who are large and often eat banquets (the diet is characterized by more meat, more wine, more oil, more vegetables, less rice) are inexplicably tired, dizzy, and physically exhausted! It was followed by the fashionable disease that caught up with the "metabolic syndrome" (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, gout, etc.).

9. Carbonated drinks, do not drink more!

Children nowadays like to take drinks as water when they eat. What kind of coke, juice drinks, etc. The carbonic acid in these carbonated drinks will form insoluble calcium carbonate with the calcium in the body, and will take away the food you eat. Of calcium, causing calcium loss and causing symptoms of calcium deficiency.

10. Eggs are eaten in different ways and absorbed differently!

In terms of nutrient absorption and digestibility, boiled eggs are 100%, scrambled eggs are 97%, tender fried are 98%, old fried are 81.1%, boiling water and milk are 92.5%, and raw foods are 30%-50 %. From this, boiled eggs are the best way to eat, but pay attention to chewing slowly, otherwise it will affect absorption and digestion. However, for children and the elderly, steamed egg custard and egg flower soup are the most suitable, because these two methods can decompose protein and are easily digested and absorbed.

11. Turning disadvantages into advantages and improving efficiency!

For example, vegetables with a lot of oxalic acid (spinach, amaranth, winter bamboo shoots, parsley and green cauliflower) should be boiled in boiling water and then fried to remove oxalic acid, avoiding the combination of oxalic acid and calcium into an insoluble calcium oxalate, and improving the absorption and utilization of calcium ; The phytic acid present in the shell of soybean, wheat and grains is easy to combine with calcium and zinc to form insoluble phytate. Germination, fermentation, soaking and other methods can be used to activate the activity of phytic acid-decomposing enzyme to decompose phytic acid. So as to improve the digestion and absorption rate of calcium and zinc in human body. In addition, because flour contains more phytic acid, when making pasta, try to ferment it as much as possible. After the flour is fermented, the activity of phytic acid-decomposing enzyme is enhanced, which can decompose the phytic acid in the flour and promote the digestion and absorption of calcium and zinc in the pasta.

12. A lot of knowledge about nutrition catering!

For example, the recipe for the liver tip: liver is used as the main ingredient, cucumber is used as the auxiliary ingredient, and bell pepper is used as the auxiliary ingredient. In comparison, using bell pepper as the auxiliary ingredient is more scientific than using cucumber! Because the liver is rich in trace elements iron and zinc, and bell peppers have more vitamin C than cucumber, vitamin C can promote the conversion of ferric iron in the liver to divalent iron, which helps the body to better absorb the two nutrients iron and zinc ! Another example is fish stew with tofu, which contains vitamin D and rich in calcium. Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium, so that the utilization rate of calcium in tofu is greatly improved. In addition, the staple food pays attention to cereals and beans mixed food, not only can make the amino acid complementation to achieve the most ideal, but also promote the absorption of calcium.

13. Should I have a small meal before going to bed?

Promote growth! There is a study that shows that when sleeping, the human body is continually excluding old bone tissues. This process is the fastest at about 3am, so adding a cup of yogurt before bedtime can add calcium sources in time to ensure your calcium at night The index is more stable.

14. The bean sprouts are not as long as possible!

Neighbor Aunt Zhang likes to buy long bean sprouts. She thinks such bean sprouts are the most nutritious! actually not! After germination of soybeans, the free amino acids, total free amino acids and reduced vitamin C that promote the absorption of calcium, zinc, and iron are significantly increased; in addition, the activity of phytase continues to increase during the germination of soybeans, continuously hydrolyzing phytic acid, resulting in plant Acid-the main inhibitory factor that hinders the absorption of calcium, zinc, and iron shows a downward trend, which is 40% lower than the phytic acid content in soybean or tofu, which greatly improves the bioavailability of calcium, zinc, and iron in germinated soybeans. Moreover, it is best to take 3 to 4 days (approximately 4 to 5 centimeters) of bean sprouts nutrition. It is not that the longer the bud grows, the better and more nutritious.

15. It seems a lot, but very little!

Milk is recognized worldwide as an excellent natural calcium supplement food source due to its high calcium content and good absorption utilization. But drinking milk is very particular! Seems to eat a lot of milk but not really absorb much! Many people experience uncomfortable symptoms of lactose intolerance such as farting, flatulence, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea after drinking milk or eating dairy products. Recently, they learned from the International Dairy Conference: Among Asians 70% do not absorb lactose, and 75-100% of the Chinese have lactose intolerance, such as 69.4% in Beijing, 75.8% in Shanghai, 68.9% in Harbin, and 70% in Guangzhou, so that you can absorb more lactose Calcium, it is recommended that you drink fermented yogurt, especially yogurt rich in a variety of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.

16. The elderly drink milk, not worth the loss!

Milk contains 5% lactose, which is decomposed into galactose by the action of lactase, and it is easily deposited on the lens of the elderly, which leads to a decrease in lens transparency and induces the occurrence of senile cataracts. The elderly can choose foods with high calcium content such as shrimp skin, dried shrimp, fish, shellfish, eggs, meat bones, kelp and snail, celery, soy products, sesame, red dates, black fungus to supplement calcium, with natural foods as the most good.

17. Drink milk on an empty stomach

Some people like to have a cup of milk on an empty stomach for breakfast in the morning. After a night of digestion and absorption of food, the gastrointestinal tract is almost empty. If you wake up in the morning and drink milk on an empty stomach, the milk will be discharged along the empty gastrointestinal tract before the body is fully absorbed. Great waste of nutrition. Therefore, it is best to eat some carbohydrates such as biscuits, bread or rolls, and steamed bread when drinking milk. Never drink milk on an empty stomach.

18. Milk and chocolate eat NO!

Some people like to add chocolate to milk to remove the strange smell in milk. In fact this is unscientific. Milk is rich in calcium and protein, and chocolate contains oxalic acid. When milk and chocolate are eaten together, calcium in milk is easy to form oxalic acid in chocolate to form an insoluble precipitate-calcium oxalate. Not only can people not absorb it, and after a long time, they will also have dry hair, diarrhea, calcium deficiency and delayed growth and development. Therefore, the time for drinking milk and eating chocolate should be separated.

19. Raw carrots are not absorbed!

It is common for some old women to eat raw carrots for their children. They say: This can not only grind teeth, but also supplement "vitamins". This is the most typical nutritional misunderstanding in our lives. Eating raw carrots is very unscientific. Carrots were eaten raw, cooked with a small amount of fat, and cooked with a sufficient amount of fat, and the digestion and absorption rates of carotene were measured as 10%, 30%, and 90%, respectively. It can be seen that the digestion and absorption rate of carotene in the body is proportional to the ratio of fats and oils; carrots cooked with cooking oil have higher nutritional value than raw food.

20. "Skin" is very important to pity!

The skins of eggplant, blueberries and grapes contain a lot of polyphenols. This is an antioxidant, which has the effect of preventing free radical oxidation and delaying aging. It is a pity to remove the skin for consumption! In addition, removing the skin of the tomato will also make the lycopene, a very important antioxidant in the tomato, easy to lose with the juice, which is not conducive to maintaining health.

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