Thursday, June 25, 2020

16 tips for repelling mosquitoes in summer

1. Several people bite you together. One of them is mainly related to odor. You also eat something that mosquitoes hate odors: On April 10th, the Central 2 Station will tell you a way to prevent mosquitoes: eat vitamin B1 if To go to the wild to eat 3-4 days in advance. She said that people can't feel it, mosquitoes can't bear the smell, they will stay away from you, especially effective, you try.

2. Vitamin B1 soaking in water will also prevent mosquitoes from getting close. This water-soluble vitamin has no side effects. The excess components are completely eliminated from the body and will not be stored in the body.

3. Use two star anise and two fennel in the condiment, soak them in the warm water basin, take a bath with their water, and the mosquitoes dare not get close.

4. Light dry orange peels indoors, which can replace mosquitoes, which can not only repel mosquitoes, but also eliminate odor in the house.

5. Wear light-colored clothes. Attention everyone! Aedes mosquitoes (also called mosquito mosquitoes) prefer to stop on black clothes. So try to wear lighter colors in hot summer days.

6. Try to wear socks. Many people like to wear shoes barefoot in summer, but they do not know that after wearing socks, the mosquitoes feel that the skin moisture of the person is reduced, and the volatiles on the skin surface are reduced, which will reduce the bite.

7. Cannot be caught after being bitten. Being bitten by a mosquito, we will catch it immediately. However, after scratching, the tissue fluid and lymph fluid in the skin oozed out and swelled into a bag, which made it more scratchy and itchy, and it was not easy to subside. This is how the "red bean legs" covered with red packets were caught. If you insist on not scratching, itching will usually subside after 10 to 15 minutes.

8. Household aquatic plants should be changed regularly.

9. When using mosquito repellent, a brand after using it for 2 months, it is better to use another drug to repel mosquitoes. But remember that mosquito repellent products can affect the health of people and pets at home.

10. Eating garlic can effectively repel mosquitoes, because mosquitoes do not like the smell of garlic secreted by the human body.

11. Use cool oil and fengyoujing skillfully. Put a few boxes of uncovered cooling oil or fengyoujing in the bedroom. Mosquito-repellent incense, choking smell; hanging mosquito nets, the air is dull. If the proper amount of wind oil can be dripped on the entire mosquito before the mosquitoes are spotted, the mosquito coils will not be choking, and the room will be cleaned, and the mosquito repellent effect is good. If you can spray a few drops of wind olein on the mosquito net before entering the mosquito net, you can improve the air condition in the mosquito net and increase the mosquito repellent effect.

12. Place the mosquito-repellent flowers before dusk, and place 1, 2 pots of blooming jasmine, Milan or roses indoors, preferably evening scent. Mosquitoes cannot escape the fragrance of these flowers.

13. Install orange-red bulbs indoors. Because mosquitoes are afraid of orange-red light, they can produce a good mosquito repellent effect.

14. Rub the dried moxa leaves into ropes and light them indoors. The smoke can repel mosquitoes.

15. Burn the dried tea leaves after drying to get rid of mosquitoes.

16. When using mosquito repellent, place a mosquito repellent grass with a plant height of about 30 cm and more than 40 leaves in a room of about 15 square meters. The effect is the best.

How do you learn a lot of mosquito repellent tricks, what are you still hesitating, try it quickly, maybe it can help you solve the mosquitoes that have puzzled you for a long time, or maybe we can say goodbye to mosquitoes this summer!

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