Thursday, June 25, 2020

10 tips for power saving in summer

Everyone knows that the air conditioner is a high-power electrical appliance, the summer is like a fire, and the temperature is generally high throughout the country, so the air conditioner has become a necessary condition for the family to escape the summer heat. But you certainly know that there is a lot of usage fees in a quarter. Have you ever thought about how to make the air conditioner more power-saving? Here are some tips for saving energy in the summer.

1. Set the appropriate temperature

When using an air conditioner, the temperature should not be too low. The state recommends that the domestic air conditioner set the temperature in summer to 26 to 27 degrees. Each increase of the air conditioner by 1 degree can reduce the electricity load by 7% to 10%.

From a health point of view, the best temperature difference between indoor and outdoor during midsummer is 4 to 5 degrees Celsius, which can prevent a cold caused by a large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, otherwise it is easy to get "air conditioning disease".

2. The number of air conditioners adapts to the room size

When purchasing, the air conditioner should be selected according to the size of the room, so that the power of the air conditioner should be suitable for the room. Each room is not completely sealed, and at the same time the house must absorb the heat from outside. When the air conditioner can fully meet the cooling of the room, it will not cause too much load to the air conditioner.

If your room has sunny windows and there are no curtains or awnings at the same time, then you can slightly raise a gear when you buy, and the air conditioning can fully improve the efficiency of the air conditioning when it fully meets the room cooling.

3. Choose a suitable wind angle

Using an air conditioner to select an appropriate outlet angle will cause the temperature of the air to fall faster. After the air temperature becomes lower, the cold air flow is easy to go down, and the air outlet is up during cooling, which has a good cooling effect. In winter, the hot air goes up, and the air outlet should be down during heating, so that the energy saving effect can also be achieved.

4. Open doors and windows less in advance

When you use the air conditioner, change the air in the room in advance. The air in a two-bedroom room is completely replaced, enough for two people to consume an hour and a half. If you are opening a window, it is recommended that the gap between opening the window is not more than two centimeters. In the process of using the air conditioner, you need to control the opening of the door and opening the window as much as possible.

If you are using a frequency conversion air conditioner, when the indoor temperature is always the same as the outside world, the frequency conversion air conditioner will also increase the frequency, overload work, and increase consumption. If you want to shut down and change the air, it is best to open the window and open the door 20 minutes in advance Turn off the air conditioner.

5. Use with electric fan and sun shade

If you use an electric fan when using the air conditioner, the blowing power of the electric fan will accelerate the circulation of indoor cold air, and the cold air will be evenly distributed. You can achieve a better cooling effect without lowering the set temperature, which is both comfortable and power-saving. If curtains such as curtains are used at the same time, reducing the influence of room temperature caused by sunlight radiation can also save electricity for air conditioning and refrigeration.

6. Use sleep function

During sleep, people should use the sleep function of the air conditioner. Some air conditioners are defined as economic functions. During sleep, the amount of heat dissipated by the body decreases and it is not sensitive to temperature changes. The sleep function is set to a certain time after people fall asleep, the air conditioner will automatically increase the indoor temperature, so using this function can achieve a 20% power saving effect.

7. Do not wear "raincoats" for external aircraft

Some people worry that the air conditioner outdoor unit is damaged and rusted due to rain and snow and other climatic reasons, so it is covered with rain covering materials. In fact, various brand air conditioner outdoor units generally have a waterproof function, but instead of wearing a raincoat for the air conditioner Affect heat dissipation and increase power consumption.

8. Install an external machine to avoid sunlight

The air conditioner should not be installed in a place where the sunlight is directly irradiated. It is easy to heat the outdoor unit in the hot sun in summer, thereby affecting the heat dissipation effect of the air conditioner itself. If the conditions do not allow, the outdoor unit can only be installed on the sunny side, and residents can install awnings on the top of the outdoor unit.

9. Clean the filter regularly

The filter on the panel of the air conditioner should be inspected at intervals and cleaned once every half a month or so. If there is too much dust, it should be cleaned in warm water not exceeding 45 degrees. After cleaning, you can dry it and press it to make the air supply of the air conditioner smooth and reduce energy consumption. It is also beneficial to human health.

10. Turn off the air conditioner ten minutes before going out

The air conditioner should be turned off in advance before going out. It is best to turn off the air conditioner ten minutes before leaving home. Within ten minutes, the room temperature is still enough to make people feel cool, and develop the habit of turning off the air conditioner in advance to save electricity.

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