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In the spring, the child's height is very long and long.

According to statistics of relevant data, the height increase of children in different seasons is different. Generally speaking, the slowest growth period of children is around October in autumn. At this time, the height increase generally slows down, with an average increase of 3.3 cm.

Around May in the spring is the season in which the child's height grows the fastest, with a height increase of about 6.6-8.3 cm.

During this time period, the child's various metabolic activities are gradually accelerated, and growth hormone secretion is strong, so spring is the best time for the child's height to increase rapidly.

So how to let children grow up quickly in this "good time"?

In general, parents should pay attention to the following "Four to two".

To develop an exercise plan for the child

Because the temperature is suitable at this time, it is very suitable for children to go out for activities or exercise, Bao Ma can make a workout plan for the child;

It can be badminton, table tennis, jogging, cycling, skipping rope, long jump and other sports. Through these muscle stretching exercises, the muscles of the child can be stretched, thereby better promoting height growth.

Parents posted the child's exercise plan in a prominent position at home, urged each other, insisted on exercising, and grasped the golden season of increase, with less effort!

To properly supplement nutrition for children

In terms of diet, Bao Ma should pay more attention to the rationality and balance of diet collocation, and not let the child appear "overnutrition".

You can give your child more food with higher protein content, and also can add more fruits and vegetables with more vitamin content. In addition, Baoma can give your child some nuts, eggs, and milk.

It is best to achieve a reasonable mix of three meals a day.

In addition, Baoma pays attention to keep children from eating foods containing preservatives, pigments, etc., which are detrimental to their growth.

To ensure the child's sleep

The results of the study show that high quality and adequate sleep at night is the key to ensuring that children grow taller.

Because during this time the child's body is actively secreting various growth-promoting factors.

In order to allow the child to sleep on time, Baoma can also set a sleep schedule for the child. If the child performs well, the child can be given appropriate rewards, such as posting small red flowers, incentive travel, etc.

Let the baby get a good sleep experience in the reward.

Adjust the clothes for the child in time

The climatic characteristic of spring is "suddenly cold and hot". Due to the change of climate, children are easily sick at this time.

Once the child is sick, it will affect the appetite, the child's nutrition can not keep up, the body's metabolism slows down, and the body's growth will naturally be affected.

Therefore, when the temperature is unstable, Bao Ma should adjust the clothes for the child in time to avoid the child getting sick due to sweating or cold.

In order to allow children to grow up quickly, many parents supplement their children with various nutritional products every day, which is almost a "big meal". Is this method feasible?

What misunderstandings should parents avoid to promote seedlings?

Don't overdo it

Some Bao Da Bao Bao Ma worry that the child is not tall, so they add fish and meat every day, and also add various nutrients.

In this way, the height of the child may increase significantly in the short term, but at the same time, the child may be obese and the bone line closed early because the child has not reached the height of the height.

When the other children grow up, their baby will be "unmovable".

Because the nutrients required by the child during the growth process are certain, Baomao should do the right amount instead of supplementing it.

Do not overdosing calcium

Many mothers have the habit of supplementing their children with calcium, because if the child lacks calcium, it may cause abnormal bone growth.

Therefore, calcium supplementation has become a "cutting point" for parents to let their children grow taller, and sometimes the dosage will be more casual, thinking that children who eat more calcium tablets will grow higher.

However, excessive calcium supplementation may also cause the child's bones to stop growing early and the bone gap closed, so that it is very difficult for the child to want to grow taller later.

Every parent wants their baby's height to reach the ideal level, at least more than their parents.

In fact, with the improvement of economic level, the size of children is generally higher now, so parents do not have to deliberately "make up" for their children, as long as the children's nutrition is rich and comprehensive.

In the prime time of height in spring, parents must not forget to let their children exercise a lot. Only in this way may there be "little surprises" that children will be heightened.

When the weather is warm, small red bumps will be formed one by one, what should I do?

Don’t worry, it’s normal... Well, it’s common, and adults are also common. My college roommate said that she will be covered with small red dots in the spring and rise to varying degrees-especially if you can’t blow the hair, otherwise the exposed skin will be inevitable Allergic, even if wearing a denim denim, the skin exposed there will also have red spots... But it seems that she has not seen allergies on her face in winter...

Therefore, spring allergies are actually a very common thing. Don’t scare yourself, or don’t easily break a certain food for your baby. If you find allergies, you should go to the hospital for inspection! You don’t know what allergens are, don’t treat yourself blindly!

In particular, many allergens that sound strange nowadays, such as water and wind, have all been heard. There are also allergens of aloe (can not apply aloe vera gel casually), allergies of grapes (uncommon), Allergy to dew (something inside is fine with other water), allergy to mint (don't use mint-flavored toothpaste, eat mint-flavored sugar), wheat allergy (reportedly No.1 in Chinese food causing allergic shock)...

You said, don’t you understand the allergens?

You stopped the egg milk, but I didn’t expect a bun that the baby stole from yesterday caused allergies, how terrible!

Of course, if your baby is also a little red point every spring, pay attention to protection and it’s no big deal, then you don’t have to go to the hospital to make a trip, as long as it’s “the same every year”, so you need moms Dads carefully observe their babies, not to miss a little change in the baby~

It is not unreasonable to say that there are so many allergies in spring. The old saying is "recovery of all things", and the bacteria also "recovered". After all, carrying "bug" flowers, grasses, and bugs are all recovering, and the increase in children's outdoor time increases the possibility of exposure to allergens, especially inhalation allergies and skin allergies are Common allergy symptoms in babies.

What state may be allergic? Allergic rhinitis

Symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, and nasal congestion occur in spring, especially if you sneeze continuously, runny nose, or recurrent attacks. You should consider whether your baby has allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is sometimes thought to be a cold, and parents should pay more attention to observation.

Skin allergies

Small red spots, small red bumps or rashes appear on the skin for no reason. Some of the skin without pimples will be dry, peeling, itchy, and it is also a manifestation of allergies, and allergies of small babies are more manifested as eczema or eczema. There is also common urticaria. The cause of urticaria is very complicated and it is easy to repeat, commonly known as rubella.

Allergic cough or asthma

The baby has obvious cough and asthma attacks in spring or autumn. It is necessary to consider allergic cough or asthma. Before the attack, there are many signs of mucous membrane allergies such as sneezing, runny nose, cough, and occasional feelings of chest tightness and breathing difficulties. The doctor judges the condition and treats it.

How to prevent allergic allergic rhinitis

Avoid contact with allergic substances. Pollen, dust, mites, animal fur and other substances that can easily cause allergic rhinitis.

Exercise more. Allergic rhinitis will change with changes in the environment and the body's own immunity. But if the condition is serious, it must be treated in time.

Drug control. If your baby's rhinitis is chronic rhinitis, and frequent attacks, then you need to use preventive medicine.

Skin allergies

Cut nails frequently and keep your body clean.

Choose the right clothes. Underwear is best cotton and loose, do not wear too much for the baby while keeping warm;

Clothes, bedding and bedding are frequently changed and washed. After washing, use ultraviolet rays in the sun to disinfect and keep dry and clean;

Maintain indoor air circulation and adjust indoor temperature at any time;

Allergic cough or asthma

The room is kept clean and dust-free. Indoor dust and ticks not only easily cause bronchial asthma. Usually pay attention to cleaning the room, keep the inside ventilated, and remove the substances that may cause tracheal irritation.

The bedding should be exposed to the sun. Ticks are less viable under dry and ultraviolet light conditions. Therefore, in addition to frequent cleaning, the baby's bedding must also be exposed to the sun.

Let your baby exercise. Although some babies have congenital allergies, exercise can make asthma less likely.

food allergy

It is best for babies to add supplementary foods after 6 months, starting with a small amount, and confirming that the baby is not allergic to this supplementary food, then add other supplementary foods.

Give your baby more whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and more foods containing calcium, and less fried foods.

Eat a balanced diet. Don’t think that this thing is “easy” and you will not give it to your baby unless you have a family member who is allergic to this food.

Drug allergy

Do not abuse drugs. Sometimes drug allergies are caused by drug abuse. Therefore, when using drugs, you must strictly follow the doctor's instructions and instructions.

Once itching, fever, or rashes occur during the use of the drug, stop using the drug immediately. However, there is a latent period for drug allergies, and parents should pay close attention to various phenomena of the baby during medication.

Drink this kind of things every day, 2 year old baby's mouth and teeth are rotten, parents must pay attention


Why drink too much juice will decay baby teeth?

Why frequent night milk and a glass of juice every day can cause caries in deciduous teeth? Let's talk one by one.

Night milk

Frequent night milk will increase the probability of dental caries, especially after the child adds supplementary food. Food supplements contain sugar, such as starch in food. Under the action of bacteria in the mouth, the sugar becomes acid and attaches to the teeth, thereby corroding the teeth and causing dental caries.

When eating night milk, you often fall asleep while eating. The milk remains in the baby's mouth. The lactose component in it easily causes damage to the teeth. In addition, the amount of saliva secreted at night is relatively small, and bacteria are more likely to breed and increase the caries. Probability.

fruit juice

Rong Gang, the chief physician of the Department of Stomatology, Wuhan First Hospital, said: "Because the juice is sour, sweet, and viscous, when children drink the juice, the sugar is easy to stick to the surface of the teeth and stick to the saliva. When protein and food debris are mixed together and firmly adhere to the tooth surface and fissures, plaque is formed, which easily causes decalcification and dissolution of the enamel surface of the tooth, forming tooth decay. And the tooth's tolerance level to acid is not high When the pH in the oral cavity is high, it also tends to corrode the enamel on the tooth surface, causing the teeth to decalcify and form tooth decay."

In fact, fruit juices are not as nutritious as you think. When a fruit is squeezed into fruit juice, the minerals such as pectin, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, etc. are left in the residue, and most of the rest is sugar .

The nutrients of a glass of juice are:

◆ The main force: water

◆Other nutrients: Carbohydrates, mainly sucrose, fructose, glucose, sorbitol, the concentration of these carbohydrates is as high as 11g ~ 16g%, while the carbohydrate concentration of breast milk and standard infant formula is only 7g%.

◆Dietary fiber: If there is not a bit of flesh in the juice, sorry, the dietary fiber contained in this glass of juice is almost zero. Cellulose is the most severely damaged from the process of "fruit-juice".

◆Fat or cholesterol: sorry, still zero.

◆Protein: Trace

◆Minerals: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium

Take Apple for an example:

Half a cup of apple slices contains 1.5 grams of fiber, 30 calories, and 5.5 grams of sugar;

Half a cup of apple juice contains 0 grams of fiber, 30 calories, and 13 grams of sugar.

Juices are not very nutritious but have more caloric polysaccharides, which also occupy the stomach and affect the intake of breast milk and formula milk. Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of 1 should not consume fruit juices, and fruit juice beverages should not be consumed.

The nutrients contained in fruits, fruit purees, and juices are gradually decreasing, so fruits and fruit purees should be preferred. Not only is there less nutrient loss, but also the baby's chewing ability can be exercised.


The deciduous teeth are prematurely broken and the consequences are serious

Although children's deciduous teeth will be replaced sooner or later, it has a natural pattern. If the deciduous teeth are damaged, accidental injury, inflammation and other reasons, causing the loss of deciduous tooth roots and premature loss of deciduous teeth, a series of more serious problems will occur:


Affect chewing function

The most direct effect of premature loss of deciduous teeth is that the child's chewing function is not fully exerted. Because the food is not sufficiently chewed, large pieces of food enter the stomach, and the burden on the stomach is increased. Therefore, the baby's nutrient absorption will be affected to a certain extent.


Affect replacement of permanent teeth

There is a permanent tooth germ under the root of each deciduous tooth, and the deciduous tooth plays a guiding role in the permanent tooth. Premature loss of deciduous teeth will make permanent teeth "disoriented" and eventually look crooked. And because there is no "resistance limit" for deciduous teeth, permanent teeth may sprout prematurely. The roots of this kind of "premature post" permanent teeth are usually in an underdeveloped state, which is why the permanent teeth are easy to fall off in the future.


Affect tooth growth

If the deciduous teeth are prematurely lost and the permanent teeth have not sprung up, the vacant position will be for a long time, and the adjacent teeth will be inclined to the vacant position, and the corresponding teeth will also be elongated, affecting the adjacent teeth and occlusal function. As the inclination of adjacent teeth is strengthened, the gap between the original permanent teeth erupting becomes smaller, so that the permanent teeth do not have enough normal space to erupt smoothly, so they have to "open up another path", which eventually leads to dentition deformity, crowded dentition, and poor occlusion. .


Cause dental caries

Premature loss of deciduous teeth is equivalent to a "large tooth gap" in the mouth. When the baby eats, the food residue is very easy to be stuck in this "big tooth gap", which creates a large growth bed for bacteria on the adjacent tooth surface. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause caries in the adjacent teeth, and even the new permanent teeth may be eroded by bacteria.


How old does the baby start brushing teeth?

The daily way to protect baby teeth is to brush your teeth and help your baby clean his mouth.

About 0~6 months (before long teeth), after each feeding, wipe the baby's gums and oral mucosa with clean gauze or cotton balls dipped in water. After 6 months, the baby will germinate the first deciduous teeth, and then you need to start brushing your teeth.

How to brush your baby's teeth?

Lay the child on the knee of the brusher gently.

Then he pressed his hand! !

The final pose is this:

Why must we lie down like this? Because only in this position, you can see all the teeth of the child clearly, and it is possible to brush all the teeth without missing.

But if there aren't two people, how can you stand up with the baby? The young ancestor was very powerful!

In a posture like the one above, the smaller baby can certainly be suppressed. If the baby is too old to hold back, you can do this:

Tie a sushi roll with a big bath towel and see where you are going, hum!

Need to use toothpaste! Children's fluoride toothpaste squeezed with rice grain size toothpaste is safe to swallow

Then I started to brush my teeth. I don't need to wear gloves to wash my hands. First, pull off my lower lips and expose all of my lower teeth:

Then brush, in fact, you don’t need to brush your lower teeth from bottom to top. The upper teeth are brushed from top to bottom. The baby’s teeth are very small, so it’s not easy to brush, but it’s not easy to clean. Brushing is no problem!

After brushing the outer side, don’t forget to brush the inner side:

The same is true for brushing your front teeth. Use your thumb and index finger to pull the upper lip apart. This is a little harder than the lower lip. This handsome action that won’t be bitten by the baby will require practice.

Still brush the outside and inside of the teeth

Then brush the molars. There are three sides of the molars. The outer medial side and the occlusal surface must be carefully brushed, especially the outer side is difficult to brush, and it is more prone to dental caries. If you want to do this, you still need to pick your mouth:

During the brushing process, pay attention not only to the tooth itself, but also to the part of the gum that is connected to the tooth. If the baby's gums will bleed, it is also a sign of unhealthy gums, especially brushing the gums carefully! If the gums are unhealthy, not only will there be a breath, but also swelling and inflammation!

Can't tell the difference between early pregnancy and menstrual signs? Master these tricks, so as not to make a big oolong

In fact, many women in life are inseparable from early pregnancy and menstrual signs. We might as well grasp the following tricks, so as not to make a big oolong like my girlfriends.

From the mental state

Early pregnancy and menstrual signs will change the woman's mental state. However, the state of fatigue, fatigue and drowsiness in early pregnancy are usually persistent and can not be relieved for many days. Moreover, there is generally no feeling of backache.

However, the fatigue of the menstrual signs usually lasts only a day or two, and soon recovers. But at the same time, it may be accompanied by feelings of backache discomfort, which will continue until the menstrual period.

From the change of chest

In general, there will be some changes in women's chest during early pregnancy and menstrual signs. In early pregnancy, due to the stimulation of progesterone, the chest will become tingling, bloating and itching, and then the color of the areola will also deepen, and the veins under the breast (often referred to as blue tendons) will also be obvious. However, the chest changes before menstruation are only full of pain, generally no other symptoms.

From the change of appetite

Early pregnancy and menstrual signs will change appetite. There are two kinds of changes in appetite in early pregnancy: one is poor appetite and poor appetite. One is that the appetite becomes better, and there are many greedy things, such as suddenly wanting to eat sour and spicy food, and the amount of food is also greatly increased.

However, there is usually only one change in appetite for menstrual menstruation, that is, the appetite becomes better and the amount of meals increases, and energy is needed for the next "blood discharge". However, this change in menstrual precursors will not be greedy for some food, but simply have an appetite for food.

From the skin color

The last point is from the skin color, whether a woman is pregnant early or is at a precursor to menstruation. In the case of early pregnancy, the woman's spirit is poor and her skin will become dull and dull. With menstrual signs, women's skin will be dull, yellow, greasy, and some women with sensitive constitutions will have acne on their faces.

Knowing these differences, women who do not want to become pregnant do not have to worry about whether the "big aunt" will not come every month, or if contraception will fail. And women who are in the process of preparing for pregnancy can also use these symptoms of early pregnancy to judge pregnancy, and then pay careful attention to confirm the diagnosis as soon as possible.

People can't see pregnancy, but you are like "holding a ball" every day? Most of these factors are causing trouble

Has the pregnant mother experienced anything like ours? Want to know why other people can't see pregnancy, but you are like "holding a ball" every day? Let's take a closer look. It should be caused by the following factors.

Fat body, thick belly fat

Some pregnant mothers are fat and have thick belly fat. Before they are pregnant, they are always mistaken for "pregnant women" and often suffer from "being seated". Therefore, after they become pregnant, their stomachs will become as big as "hold a ball". However, if someone else gives themselves a seat at this time, they will be "comfortable" in their hearts.

This is what happened to a classmate of mine. She had never recovered from her body when she was born, and she had a baby in her belly. And every time she goes out to take the bus, although she sucks her stomach as much as possible, she will still be seated by well-meaning people.

Later, she was pregnant with a second child, and just over a month after pregnancy, she began to enjoy the treatment of pregnant women in a big way on the bus. In her words: "It was really the second child that saved me, and I won’t have to suck my stomach when I go out of the palace."

The placenta is on the anterior wall, usually worse

When the old people see the pregnant woman holding her belly, they always say "before" and "after". What does that mean? In fact, after the woman is pregnant, is the placenta in the anterior or posterior wall of the uterus. If the pregnant mother pays attention, you will find that when we go to the hospital for a B-ultrasound examination, the position of the placenta will also be displayed on the list.

In general, the basic conditions of two pregnant mothers (fat and thin, how much amniotic fluid, fetal size, etc.) are similar. Pregnant mothers with placenta in the front wall of the uterus are worse than pregnant mothers in the posterior wall of the uterus.

The fetus is well absorbed during pregnancy and grows up

A few days ago, my cousin went to the hospital for a checkup and chatted with a pregnant mother after the checkup. Originally, the cousin looked at the pregnant mother's small belly and thought she was younger than her own month. Who knows that a pair of B-ultrasounds are about the same month. However, the weight of the fetus is much worse.

The pregnant mother said, "I have had a bad appetite after eating, I can't eat, and I can't sleep well, so the size of the fetus is not consistent with the normal gestational age. Moreover, the doctor said that my placenta's blood supply is not very good, probably the fetal nutrient absorption It’s too bad.” And my cousin, she eats incense throughout her pregnancy, and her belly grows like a balloon. More importantly, the nutrition of the fetus in her stomach is also good, and the mother and the child are "double supplement and double length".

Therefore, people can't see pregnancy, but you seem to "hold a ball" every day, mostly because of these factors. Of course, this is also related to the physique of the pregnant mother. Some people are not fat when they eat during pregnancy, and the fetus looks pregnant. And some people, looking very fat, have a small belly and no fetus.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should not worry about the size of their stomachs, just pay attention to a healthy diet and rest well.

Pregnant mothers note that these behaviors may cause the fetus to be "very injured", whoever receives it will benefit

When pregnant, many mothers generally pay more attention, and are waiting for the baby with a happy mood. In life, there may be some behaviors that we think do not need to be taken seriously, which will also affect the health of the fetus. I hope that pregnant mothers with these behaviors should try to avoid them in their lives to avoid harm to the fetus.

Bath tub

If you are a pregnant mother who likes bathing, try not to take such a bath during pregnancy. When choosing a bathtub, the dirty things in the bathtub may cause infection and cause gynecological diseases, which not only affects the health of the pregnant mother, but also may affect the health of the fetus.

For pregnant mothers, the most suitable way to take a bath is to choose a shower, and you must take anti-skid measures when taking a bath. You cannot fall over because of carelessness, which will endanger the health of yourself and your fetus.

I like to see Erjiro legs

Some pregnant mothers will unconsciously do this behavior because of habits. But if there is, it should be corrected in time, because such common behavior may also cause harm to the fetus.

In the process of seeing Erlang's legs, the leg of the pregnant mother who was pressed will have numbness due to the pressure of the nerves. If you want to stand up, there may be instability. If you accidentally fall because of this reason Not so good.

At the same time, because the blood circulation of the legs is affected during the process of seeing Erlang's legs, it may cause varicose veins in the legs for a long time. In addition, the movement of Erjiro's legs is easy to squeeze to the abdomen, affecting the fetal treasure and even causing the fetal position to be incorrect.

Eating indiscriminately causes diarrhea

During pregnancy, it is inevitable that there will be many changes in taste, and the things that I like to eat every day will become undesirable. Some pregnant mothers may still prefer spicy food, but no matter what kind of food, you must ensure that it does not cause diarrhea after the entrance. Diarrhea may adversely affect the health of the pregnant mother and even endanger the fetus.

Because severe diarrhea may also stimulate the uterus to cause uterine contractions, which may cause miscarriage or premature delivery, and the health of the fetus will also be threatened.

During pregnancy, for the sake of the health of yourself and the fetus, a sense of taboo is still necessary.

Worried about fetal health

Mother's worry about the baby is normal, but if it is excessive worry, causing her anxiety, it will have a bad impact on the fetus.

During the pregnancy test, some problems may occur because of the development of the fetus, but as the fetus grows, these problems may disappear.

However, if the pregnant mother has maintained a bad mood, resulting in poor eating and sleep, it will hurt the fetus, and even lead to abnormal fetal movement, because the fetus is greatly affected by the mood of the pregnant mother.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must have a good mood during pregnancy, relax their mentality, and wait happily for their baby!

What is the difference between a woman who gives birth early and a child who gives birth late? The gap between these three aspects cannot be hidden

In terms of physical health: "early school" recovers faster than "late school" after childbirth

The best childbearing age for women is 23-29 years old. For women of this age, the postpartum recovery is fast, and the children are not prone to problems. The "late birth" is more troublesome, both before and after childbirth. In addition to worrying about the health of the fetus, he also faces a variety of pregnancy problems.

To put it bluntly, the difficulty of women giving birth to children is inversely proportional to their age. The older the age, the more difficult it is to have children and the more energy-consuming. In reality, I have seen many older women give birth to a child, and they are more than ten years old before and after childbirth, but this is not the case for school-age mothers. After giving birth, the child still looks very young.

In terms of childcare: "late school" is more mature than "early school"

My cousin got married and had a child just after graduating from university, and asked her why she gave birth to a child. I am speechless in response to this. I have to say that my cousin is a true portrayal of many young parents now. Even if the meaning of life is not even understood, she hastily gave birth to children. In the future, most of her parents will copy the older generation. the way.

But the "late-born school" is different. Most of them have accumulated rich life experience, and they are more capable of solving problems than the "early-born school" when facing problems. And after so much experience, their mentality is also more stable, than the "early-born school." Have more advantages in childcare.

In terms of economy: "Late School" has stronger economic strength than "Early School"

The women of the "late school" were mostly busy working hard when they were young, so they delayed childbirth, but these years of hard work also accumulated a lot of wealth and connections for them. Be aware that apart from a handful of women with superior backgrounds, most women who choose to give birth early will affect their start-up career.

At present, the Chinese workplace discriminates against pregnant women. In addition, the older generation does not take children. Most women will delay their careers because of childbirth. Naturally, they are not as good as "late-born" women in terms of economic strength.

Five kinds of golden fruits that should be eaten in spring, eat more and healthier

The following five kinds of gold fruits in spring, parents may wish to give more to children~


The pineapples are listed one after another every March.

Pineapple is rich in nutrients, according to the records of "Compendium of Materia Medica": pineapple nourishes the temper, strengthens the vital energy, suppresses Kangyang, supports the decayed earth, strengthens the spirit, nourishes qi, broadskins, eliminates phlegm, relieves alcohol and poison, quenches thirst after drinking, and leads the leader , Happy Yizhi.

Pineapple fruit contains protein, raw sugar, sucrose, carbohydrates, organic acids, amino acids, riboflavin, carotene, thiamine dietary fiber, niacin, fat, vitamins and so on.

Bromelain can promote gastrointestinal motility and has a certain digestive effect. The sweet and sour taste of pineapple can help increase appetite and help appetite.

However, children with allergies should eat less pineapples. Pineapples contain allergic substances. Sometimes when we eat pineapples, we may feel itchy in the mouth, because the biological glycosides in the pineapples give us mouth irritation.

Before eating, you can soak it in salt water for half an hour and wash it with warm water again. You can also cut the pineapple into small pieces and boil it in boiling water. This will break down some allergens and taste better.

Selection tips:

1) The surface scale leaves are orange, suitable for eating on the same day. It is bright yellow and has a greenish luster at both ends. It is usually about half-cooked. It is more suitable to eat it for two days;

2) Buy the pineapple skin lightly, it is a little soft, but it has a certain elasticity.

How to eat: In addition to eating pineapple raw, you can also use it for cooking, add it to fish and meat, and cook it together, sweet and sour! Pineapple and lemon juice are also children's love.

sugar cane

Sugar cane is one of the favorite fruits of Uma. When I was a kid, I planted a few sugar cane in front of and behind my old house. The juice is rich and sweet. It is a rare snack for children in those days.

Sugar cane contains various vitamins, fats, proteins, organic acids, calcium, iron and other substances that are very beneficial to the metabolism of the human body. Sugar cane can also nourish yin, moisten dryness, and relieve thirst.

Selection tips:

1) Choose the meat with light yellow color and sweeter, do not buy the red, brown, black spots and other abnormal colors;

2) Choose straighter, thinner, uniform diameter;

3) Whether it is green-skinned sugarcane or black-skinned sugarcane, we must choose the color of the sugarcane skin to be uniform.

How to eat:

In addition to eating sugar cane directly for soup and porridge, it is also very good. For example: sugar cane + sorghum rice porridge, sugar cane + pear + rock sugar to make sugar water, are very moist, suitable for this season to eat ~


Every spring there is a show that takes children to pick mulberries.

Taste while picking, juicy and sweet, one bite is delicious!

The content of trace elements and dietary fiber in mulberries is relatively high, which can help promote the peristalsis of the large intestine. It is rich in anti-oxidant anthocyanins and is good for the skin.

Another great effect of mulberries is to enhance the body's immune function, help maintain the body's nutritional balance, and reduce bacterial invasion.

The spring climate is prone to colds, and eating more mulberries can help boost immunity and reduce colds.

Selection tips:

1) Put it in your hand and feel it. The kind of full elasticity is the best and freshest;

2) Pick those with fruit handles.

How to eat:

Mulberry can treat symptoms such as neurasthenia, insomnia and forgetfulness, and the student party with high learning pressure and poor sleep. You can drink water with mulberry: 30 grams of mulberry, 15 grams of jujube kernels, decoction.


A lot of loquat trees are planted in the community. The mature loquat tastes sweet and nutritious.

The effect of loquat one: moisturize the lungs and quench thirst. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica" there is a record of the medical value of loquat, which is a good medicine for the treatment of asthma caused by lung fever.

The second effect of loquat: inhibit virus and prevent flu. Loquat can help the body improve its own resistance and prevent seasonal flu. Eating flesh or boiling water with leaves can inhibit the spread of the virus.

The effect of loquat three: conditioning the spleen and stomach. Loquat leaves have a good effect on conditioning the spleen and stomach and preventing vomiting.

The effect of loquat four: protect eyesight. Loquat is rich in vitamin B, which has a good effect on protecting eyesight. The student party can eat more appropriately.

Selection tips:

1) The delicious loquat generally has an overall shape of an ellipsoid, the top is slightly smaller than the base, and the surface is better to protrude the microdrum, so that the flesh is richer and sweeter;

2) The fluff on the peel is intact and not falling.

How to eat:

Chuanbei 5 grams, 2 pears, 500 grams loquat, 3 fresh loquat leaves, a little rock sugar.

Loquat and pear are peeled and cored separately, and the pear is cut into small pieces (the loquat does not need to be cut).

Put four bowls of water in the stew pot, introduce the cut Sydney and loquat, wash the loquat leaf with a brush, cut it into small pieces with scissors and put it into the pot (the back of the loquat leaf has fluff to be brushed);

Pour the ground Sichuan Chuanbei into a pot and stir a little. After boiling, simmer for 2-3 hours on low heat. Can moisten the lungs and cough and reduce phlegm.


Cherry should be on the market in late spring and early summer.

Eating in the spring can strengthen the spleen and appetite, and tonic the nutrients. Its fruit is thick, delicious, juicy, and nutritious. The iron content is particularly prominent, more than 20 times that of citrus, pears, and apples. Vitamin A content is also higher than that of apples, oranges, and grapes. Much higher.

Selection tips:

1) The appearance color of cherry is dark red or dark red, and the skin is slightly hard;

2) Look at the cherry fruit gloss, no matter what fruit variety, the skin is the healthiest and best;

3) Look at the fruit stems at the bottom of the cherry, green ones should be selected.

How to eat:

Cherries are best eaten raw and can also be made into cherry sauce.

Choose a large, sweet and sour cherry, and after washing, cut each cherry into a small bite, peel and peel the seeds;

Put the pulp and sugar together in the pot, boil it on a high heat and then turn it to medium heat, remove the astringent juice and cook again;

When cooked to a sticky shape, add lemon juice, simmer briefly, remove from heat and let cool.

Eating fruits like this in spring is good for children

Boil sugar water or juice

Vegetables and fruits can be eaten in a variety of ways, but not excessive. It is advisable to boil sugar water, eat it raw, or juice.

Salad dressing

You can put some salad dressing raw, and boiled sugar water is best with brown sugar. Salad dressing and brown sugar are warm, and can adjust the characteristics of cold fruits.

Do not eat spoiled fruit

Recently, there are news that some children eat spoiled sugar cane into the ICU, spoiled sugar cane is very harmful to the human body! In addition to sugar cane, other fruits should also be eaten fresh. Buy as you go, don’t eat spoiled fruits~

After giving birth, these performances indicate that you will lose weight soon

Always insist on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not only good for your child, it is also good for your child's immunity. And the benefits for the mother are also great. First, breastfeeding can promote uterine contraction, reduce the chance of infection of mothers postpartum hemorrhage, and by the way can also convert some fat into breast milk, the child will take part of the calories when feeding, which is beneficial to lose weight. The key is that breastfeeding mothers work harder and will accelerate their calorie consumption, which is more conducive to their recovery.

Appetite diminishes during meals

Everyone knows that if you want to maintain a good figure, you must keep your mouth shut. The same is true for postpartum mothers who want to lose weight as soon as possible. Most mothers will not unconsciously increase their appetite in order to provide better nutrition for fetal treasure during pregnancy, so many mothers say that their appetite is better than before Most of the time, I ate more unconsciously with each meal, as if I could never return to my appetite without a child. If you eat too much, it is really difficult to lose weight.

But if you suddenly realize that your appetite is much smaller than during pregnancy, it slowly returns to your previous level. Then you steal the music, you are on the road to thin.

Bring your own baby

Believe me, if the mother is born with a baby after birth, it will either be stress obesity caused by too much pressure, or it will be overworked, not eating well, and losing weight due to poor sleep. But the latter accounted for the vast majority, after all, stressful fat also needs to eat, but many mothers with their baby alone, most of them are too busy to eat at all, coupled with poor sleep, depressed mood, and surely will lose weight Down. So if you take the baby after birth, you should lose weight soon. But such a mother is also very distressing.

You won’t feel too tired to walk and do easy work

My mother experienced the process of production, most of them will be "blood and blood loss", feeling fatigued, walking feels like floating, doing a little work, I feel very tired, I want to lie down at any time, I want to know that being lazy makes people fat . But if you start to feel the strength of the body, the spirit of taking care of the child, and the whole person is full of energy, it means that your body has almost recovered and is about to lose weight.

Obstetricians and gynecologists suggest: these kinds of situations occur in pregnant mothers, please choose cesarean section in advance

Whether a pregnant mother can give birth, in addition to personal will, the key depends on the doctor. In general, obstetricians and gynecologists will recommend: If the pregnant mother has the following conditions, please choose cesarean section in advance.

Irregular fetal position

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, and then go for an obstetric examination, the fetal position will be displayed on the B ultrasound alone. The normal fetal position is the head position, so that the production is relatively smooth. The wrong position of the fetus is the lateral position, the breech position, the posterior pillow position, etc., which are not conducive to the smooth delivery of the mother.

In the past, when the medical conditions were poor, the fetal position was not correct. For example, when the baby's feet were facing down during delivery, the midwife will also find a way to make the mother deliver. However, there is no way to do it. It is still dangerous for adults and children.

Now that medicine is developed, in addition to natural delivery, there is also a caesarean section with the help of surgery. If the pregnant mother has an abnormal fetal position, the doctor will generally recommend a caesarean section.

The fetus is a "huge child"

Under normal circumstances, pregnant mothers who want to give birth, it is best to control the weight of the fetus to about 6 pounds, so it is best to give birth. If the weight of the fetus is equal to or greater than 4000 grams, that is, 8 pounds, it is a "huge child", so that the pregnant mother will suffer a great deal of birth, and the biggest possibility is that she will not be born.

In addition, because of the difficulty of birth, huge children will lead to an increase in the duration of labor, and if they take too long, there will be a risk of fetal asphyxia and hypoxia. Therefore, prenatal doctors will pass B-ultrasound to make a rough estimate of the fetus' weight. If it is judged as "suspected huge child", the doctor will recommend a caesarean section for the pregnant mother during delivery.

The fetus has severe umbilical cord around the neck

During pregnancy, many fetuses will have umbilical cord around the neck. As long as the neck is not serious, the fetal movement and fetal heart rate are normal, and pregnant mothers should not worry too much. Moreover, many fetuses around the neck can return to normal before delivery. Under normal circumstances, the fetus around the neck for a week or two, the doctor will also encourage pregnant mothers to give birth. If during this process, the fetal heart is normal, and the fetus is not hypoxic, and the delivery conditions of the women themselves are good, they can still be delivered successfully.

However, if the fetus has a serious umbilical cord around the neck, such as more than two or three turns around the neck, and the birth is carried out, the fetus may develop asphyxia and hypoxia. In this case, the doctor will recommend the maternal caesarean section in advance.

Therefore, although it is good to give birth, but pregnant mothers have these kinds of situations, it is still for the safety of themselves and the fetus, prepare for a cesarean section in advance.

This time is the golden period of sleep

If you ask your parents now, what are the two characteristics you most want your child to have? I am afraid most parents will answer: smart and tall, the former is about intelligence, the latter is conducive to spouse selection. As we all know, there is fierce competition in modern society. This kind of competition is distributed in all aspects. Whether it is work or career, or the marriage and marriage market, there are hardware requirements for children, which is what parents want now: IQ and height.

If the child is clever and resourceful, he can easily win in the future. If the child's height is not lost, it will occupy a certain advantage in the marriage and love market. To achieve these two points, the importance of sleep is highlighted, and it is imperative to ensure the quality of children's sleep from an early age. And this time is the golden period of sleep. Parents grasp that the child will grow taller and smarter in the future.

This golden period of sleep is from 10pm to 7am for the simple reason.

First of all, going to bed early and getting up early regularly can help maintain good health. Parents know that after staying up late, they will feel unwell and even dizzy and dizzy. It is because the nervous system of the human body is not fully rested. The chaotic biological clock will cause damage to the body's immune system, and health will be affected in the long run. The same is true for young children.

It is not difficult to find that children who go to bed early and get up early tend to perform better. This is because children with high sleep quality tend to have better memory. The results of American studies show that early sleep and early rise help to restore energy and keep children energetic during the day. Learning state, the brain can relax in sleep, good health, intellectual development can reach the standard, naturally children are smarter.

I remember a piece of news on the Internet some time ago. A junior high school student fainted at school. After being sent to the hospital by 120, he was directly sent a critical illness notice, saying that there was bleeding in the blood vessels of the brain.

After the doctor's inquiry, the parents confessed their children's habits of staying up late until early in the morning, showing that the damage of the child's brain caused by late sleep. Therefore, if the child's brain development is not affected, it is necessary to fall asleep before ten o'clock in the evening to give the body a time to clean and recover from it.

Secondly, between ten o'clock in the evening and seven o'clock in the morning, the child has two peak periods of growth hormone secretion.

Everyone is familiar with growth hormone, which is an important element of children's physical development and bone growth. As long as you grasp the two peak periods of growth hormone secretion at night, your child will get twice the result in height.

The premise of this growth hormone secretion is that the child must be in deep sleep, otherwise the secretion of growth hormone will not reach the peak period. Therefore, children who do not have the advantage of congenital height, should pay attention to the golden period of sleep, so that they can be taller in the future.

After pregnancy, mothers in these places should go as little as possible, which is bad for themselves and their babies.

1. Cinema. The movie theater is a public place, with many people and complicated. In addition, the movie theater is closed, the air is not fresh, and various tastes fill the entire enclosed space, which creates suitable conditions for the growth of bacteria, which is not good for some physical fitness. For pregnant women, it is easy to get sick; there is also the sound of the movie theater is relatively loud, and the hearing of the baby is developing, some too loud sound will damage the hearing of the baby and cause harm to the baby.

Second, hot springs. For women during pregnancy, it is generally not recommended to bathe in hot springs or saunas. Even taking a bath, there are some restrictions on the water temperature, because the fetal baby can feel the temperature of the outside world, and the overheated water temperature will make the baby unable to bear. Pregnant women who often have the habit of washing hot springs and saunas may even lead to premature birth or fetal developmental deformities; at the same time, because pregnant mothers are pregnant with their babies, their bodies are clumsy, and the places such as bathrooms or saunas have smooth feet and are easy to fall. Moreover, the water quality is not good If it is good, it will also harm your baby's health.

3. Bar. Many women like to practice singing places, bars and other places, especially young women, even more so, but for pregnant women, for the sake of children's health and development, or avoid these places! Because the environment in these places is relatively noisy, alcoholic and smoky, ordinary people are still harmful to the body, not to mention pregnant women! Moreover, the music in the cabaret bar is louder, and the baby will be even more unbearable! Don't go there if you can.

4. Farther tourist attractions. The reason why women do not approve of long-distance travel with pregnant stomachs is because the car is the most likely to cause miscarriage, even if it is a sleeper or an airplane. Frequent bumps and tiredness of the journey can easily lead to unexpected things; and The tourist places are crowded, the accommodation is not good, and the harm to the baby is not small. It is better to turn around in a secluded park near your home. Especially for the first and third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is the most dangerous period of accidents, pregnant women must pay attention to it!

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to hydration at these times, otherwise it will affect the amniotic fluid index

1. Drink water after getting up in the morning. Drinking a glass of water in the morning is not only a requirement for pregnant women, but for ordinary people, drinking a glass of water in the morning also has great health benefits. For pregnant women, after a night of consumption, both the body and the baby in the belly need to be hydrated in time, which is not only beneficial to the body's detoxification, but also to beauty. However, the water temperature should not be too cold, but it should not be too hot. As for the amount of drink, there is no too hard requirement. It is recommended to drink one or two glasses at a time.

2. Drink water after bathing. For pregnant women, bathing is a hard job, and at the same time, it consumes a lot of water, so there will be dry mouth after showering. At this time, if you can drink a few glasses of water in time, it is of great benefit to the body; in addition, some women go to work during pregnancy, they may be in an air-conditioned environment, then the indoor air Very dry, especially for pregnant women, the body's water consumption is relatively fast, if you don't drink water in time, it will harm your own health and the health of your baby.

3. Drink water when you are in a bad mood. During pregnancy, due to the secretion of progesterone, emotions tend to fluctuate greatly. Some of them show easy to get angry and angry, and others show depression and low mood. At this time, hormones in pregnant women will rise sharply. High, this is not good for pregnant women and fetal babies, need to release this negative emotion as soon as possible. Some people think that drinking more water is also a way to resolve negative emotions and depression. No matter whether this kind of drinking water can really be effective, it is beneficial and harmless for pregnant women to have a strong need for water alone.

Don’t be careless after your mother is pregnant

The first 3 months are the most important period of the pregnant mother's whole pregnancy period, and accidents are easy to happen. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to be extra careful not only to protect themselves, but also to take good care of the baby in their tummy. Three months before pregnancy, these three things are best not to be touched by pregnant mothers, so that you can safely pass through early pregnancy!

1. Do not announce to outsiders for the time being

In many places, there is such a saying: "In the first 3 months of pregnancy, it cannot be announced." Everyone says that if you go everywhere to announce the pregnancy, you will move to the fetal god, which is bad for the baby. Although this statement will be somewhat superstitious, it will reassure the elderly. In addition, in the first trimester, the "little baby" in the belly is not very stable, and pregnant mothers are also prone to miscarriage due to other reasons. In order to avoid everyone from having a happy time, pregnant mothers and family members may wish to wait until the end After the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetus has stabilized, and then tell everyone about her pregnancy.

2. Don't take medicine randomly

In the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have weaker immunity and lower body resistance. They often have wind chills or fever, throat pain, gum bleeding, and so on. Go to the pharmacy to get a medicine, and you will basically be cured. But pregnant mothers are no better than ordinary people. If you can't bear it, don't use medication outside of your own. You should choose to go to the hospital and use medication under the guidance of a doctor.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise and avoid sex

In the first three months of pregnancy, the embryo is still in the developmental stage. Once the pregnant mother performs vigorous exercise during this time, the uterus will be similarly shaken, and the placenta will easily fall off, causing abortion. Therefore, in the early pregnancy, it is generally not recommended for pregnant mothers to do vigorous exercise, such as: running, lifting heavy objects, cycling. Furthermore, it is sex life, and it is absolutely forbidden in the first trimester. Even if you are very careful and move gently, it will stimulate the uterus and seriously cause miscarriage. Therefore, it is not recommended to have sex in the first trimester.

For a sensitive 100 days and a special 3 months, expectant mothers must take care of themselves and take care of the "little babies" in their stomachs, and don't let themselves and "babies" fall into danger.

Don’t do this when your baby is sleeping, are you still making mistakes?

It is best to hold your child in your arms when sleeping Is great. In fact, many parents have behaviors that harm their babies when coaxing them to sleep.

1. Accompanying and sleeping. Many parents are very fond of their little babies, and even sleeping puts the baby in their arms, which is actually very bad for the baby's sleep. First of all, when the mother puts her arms to sleep, it is likely that she will also fall asleep. At this time, the gas exhaled by the mother will be inhaled by the baby. After a long time, the baby will get sick; secondly, the mother will often hug the baby to sleep. The baby develops dependence, and once the mother is not around, the baby will cry and cannot fall asleep. Therefore, the mother should encourage the baby to sleep alone as much as possible, and create conditions for the baby to sleep alone.

Second, let the baby fall asleep. Many babies have the habit of sleeping on their stomachs. However, some studies have shown that babies who sleep on their stomachs, because they will not turn over on their own, can easily make the mouth and nose unable to breathe and become hypoxic. In severe cases, there is a danger of hypoxia and suffocation. Parents should correct the baby’s sleeping posture once they discover this. Generally speaking, lying down is the safest sleeping posture, followed by the right posture to fall asleep; some parents often spend the whole night in winter because they are worried about the baby being cold All electric blankets are heated by electricity, and this is easy to cause dehydration of the baby. The correct approach should be to heat the baby before going to bed and unplug the power when sleeping.

3. Let the baby sleep naked. Contrary to what is stated above, some mothers of Bao worry that their children are too hot and will often make their babies take off their clothes and go to sleep. As everyone knows, this approach can easily cause the baby to catch cold in the middle of the night, causing intestinal diseases and causing diarrhea. Parents should cover the baby's waist and abdomen with a thin towel, or wear a small bellyband for the baby, try not to let the baby sleep naked; some mothers like to sleep with the light on, thinking that they will change the baby's diaper and breastfeed at night Convenient, this will also be detrimental to the baby's sleep, it will also affect the baby's length, and it is easier to induce myopia, parents must avoid it!

The 4 parts of the baby who are most afraid of the cold. As a mother, don't you know it?

Cold is not necessarily caused by eating. Because the baby is too small, if there are several parts that are not well protected, the child will be cold. Let's take a look at some special parts of the baby that are easy to catch cold.

1. Baby's head and neck

When the baby is small, the hair is still sparse, especially now this season, the outdoor wind is relatively large, if the baby stays longer outside, it may cause the child to catch cold. After the baby is caught in the cold, symptoms such as headache, depression, and loss of appetite may occur. Therefore, the mother should pay attention to the mental state of the child. If this happens, she should seek medical attention. When the baby goes out in autumn and winter, his parents should wear hats, scarves, etc., and must ensure the quality to prevent the baby from allergic to wool and other clothes, and not too thick, try not to let the child sweat.

2. Baby's back

Experienced mothers know that many babies especially love prickly heat, especially the back. If they are not handled properly, the child will feel very itchy and prone to infection. Therefore, in order to prevent the child from having prickly heat, some mothers let the child sleep naked. In fact This is a wrong approach. Although the baby does not have prickly heat on the back, but in this case, the child's back will easily catch cold, showing cold and runny symptoms. Therefore, when the child is sleeping, the mother should properly dress the baby, which can not only prevent the child from prickly heat, but also protect the back from the cold.

3. Baby feet

In this weather, many mothers still wear sandals for their babies to cool down. This is true, but pay attention to wearing socks for your baby, because if you don’t wear socks for your baby, the baby’s feet will be easy Colds usually cause diarrhea and loss of appetite. When your mother encounters this situation, don't worry, you should put on socks for your baby in time and drink more hot water.

4. Baby's belly is particularly cold

Whether it is a TV series or in real life, the baby usually wears a small bellyband. This is done to protect the baby's small belly from cold. Because the baby's gastrointestinal function is not perfect, if the small belly is cold, diarrhea, indigestion and other symptoms will occur, so the mother must pay attention.

How old is the baby to talk? Is it related to brain development?

For different children, the time to speak is different. When to start speaking, it is necessary to analyze the specific situation.

1. The normal time for children to speak

As mentioned above, different children will speak differently in the morning and evening, but generally speaking, the baby will speak to father or mother after eight months, and may even speak some simple vocabulary, and some children may You can have a babble of babble. However, although an eight-month-old baby can call out his father and mother, there is no specific direction of the father and mother in the baby's mind, and the child has no specific concept, but a subconscious instinct. Generally, when the baby is about one year old, the baby can clearly identify the parents and call out the father and mother.

Second, speaking time shows the speed of the baby's brain development

Many Bao Da Bao Bao Moms are very happy to see their babies talking early. However, in real life, there are still many children who speak late, at this time, parents will worry about whether their children have IQ. The problem? Is it underdeveloped? In fact, if it is not a pathological reason, the child's late speech does not mean that there is a problem with IQ, but the child's brain develops late. In addition, children's speaking sooner or later is related to the family's genetics and parents' educational words and deeds.

3. Don’t rush to speak late, try to communicate more with the child

Many parents see that their children speak late, they are worried about their children's slow language expression and communication skills in the future, this worry is not necessary. However, if the parents really want their children to speak as soon as possible, they can do some small exercises in their daily lives to develop their children's early communication skills. This requires parents to communicate and communicate more with their children, pay more attention to nurturing and interacting with others, speak clearly and slowly to children, tell children more short stories, and develop children's understanding and expression skills.

The child's speaking time may be sooner or later, while eliminating the pathological cause, the mother should not be too anxious, because some late things will make people more cherish.

These 5 bad parenting habits can hurt your baby, many mothers don’t know

1. Always kiss your baby's mouth

If there are bacteria in a large population, it will cause the baby to get sick. Friends say that although they love their babies, they can interact with them in other ways. Don't always kiss the baby's mouth, the baby's resistance is poor, bacteria can easily enter the baby's body through the mouth, causing the baby to get sick.

2. Use your mouth to test the temperature of milk powder

If you choose to use your mouth to try the right temperature when you are making milk powder, it is easy to leave the bacteria in your mouth on the bottle to make your baby infected. If some parents have oral diseases, the baby is prone to problems such as tooth decay. Parents can make a few drops of the washed milk powder on the back of the hand when preparing the milk powder, to feel that the temperature is not suitable, so that it will not burn the baby, nor will the baby be infected unnecessarily.

3. Don't pay attention to baby's hygiene

My friend used to pay less attention to hygiene to cause the baby to get sick frequently, so now my friend's family attaches great importance to the child's hygiene and makes the child develop good habits.

Fourth, rarely change clothes for the baby

Some people think that the clothes that the baby wears are not dirty, so they don't change the clothes frequently. Friends say this is wrong, and close-fitting clothes must be changed frequently because they have made this mistake before. The clothes you just bought cannot be worn immediately. Be sure to clean the baby and let the baby put it on after drying, because the newly bought clothes contain all kinds of unhygienic things. Mother should pay attention and don’t make mistakes again. Too.

Five, often let babies use diapers

The use of diapers for babies should be adequate. Some parents think that the amount of urine in diapers is still small, so they do not change them. This is wrong. If you let children wear diapers for a long time, it will hurt the baby's skin. The baby's skin is now particularly delicate. The friction generated during exercise is easy to hurt the baby's skin. So mother can let your baby use diapers at night and try not to use them during the day.

How old does the baby need to stop diapering? Be over this age but it will be late

When the baby was born, the physiological function was not fully developed, and the urination and urination could not be controlled consciously. Many mothers would choose diaper, so that the baby would not wet the bed, and it was easy to change. However, as the baby grows up, the sphincter of the urinary system gradually develops completely. When the baby reaches the age of 2 years, she can basically control her bowel movements consciously. At this time, the mother can consciously cultivate the child's ability to urinate and urinate. During the daytime, the child should not wear diapers and tell the baby to tell the mother if they want to urinate, so that after a period of training, the baby will automatically urinate. At night, children should wear diapers, so that children do not have to wake up at night, so as not to affect sleep.

More than 2 years old is still using diapers, which affects the control of the baby's brain to the body, which is extremely harmful to the baby. Mothers should pay attention to stop diapering for the baby before the age of two, otherwise it will be too late. So what is the effect of wearing diapers after your baby is over 2 years old?

1. The child will have the habit of bedwetting when he grows up

Baby wears diaper all the time, it will form a sense of dependence, unconsciously when you want to urinate, often embarrassing things like bedwetting, so the baby should gradually reduce the use of diaper when it is 1 and a half years old, parents during the day It is necessary to consciously cultivate her habit of urinating and defecating autonomously, otherwise she will rely on diapering when the child goes to kindergarten, which will cause a lot of inconvenience to the child, and will cause the children to laugh at and leave a psychological shadow for the child.

2. Long-term use of diapers will affect the healthy growth of children

The diapers currently on the market are of uneven quality, and many brands use poor materials. In order to prevent urine leakage, diapers are generally not breathable. Long-term use will cause eczema in the baby's small buttocks. In severe cases, there will be ulceration. Especially for female babies, the bacteria in the diaper may enter the vagina and cause inflammation. Therefore, mom and dad can't save themselves and let the baby wear diapers all the time.

After reading these contents, I believe you will definitely gain something! The invention of diapering has indeed brought great convenience to everyone to a certain extent, but if it is overused, it will cause harm to the baby's body, so as the baby grows up, he should gradually give up the use of diapering, if the child is too Small, but also to choose products with guaranteed quality.

How can we raise a baby without raising meat? Pregnant mother masters this "trilogy" during pregnancy, all the way down to postpartum

Many pregnant mothers are also curious, how can one raise a baby without raising meat? In fact, pregnant mothers need to master this "trilogy" during pregnancy, in order to lose weight all the way to postpartum.

Part One: Find out how to "raise a baby"

We know that a pregnant mother with too much meat during pregnancy will not be able to give birth at birth, because the fetus may be too large. And pregnant women themselves, because of too much meat, cause post-natal body shape to be difficult to recover. Therefore, we want to "raise the fetus without raising meat", we must first figure out how to "raise the fetus". In fact, the weight of the fetus mainly depends on two points:

First, the nutrition provided by the pregnant mother. The nutrition of the fetus comes from the blood of the pregnant mother. If the blood is rich in nutrition, the fetus will grow well. Like pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes, because high blood sugar will make the fetus grow faster, it is easy to develop into a huge child.

Second, the absorption of the fetus. Although the nutrition required by the fetus is provided by the blood of the pregnant mother, it must be transmitted through the blood vessels and the placenta. If the pregnant mother has narrow blood vessels, poor blood flow, and poor placental function, then the fetus is difficult to absorb nutrition. Therefore, there will be so many pregnant mothers. Although they are rich in nutrients during pregnancy, they just don't raise their fetuses but only their own flesh.

If pregnant mothers want to know if they have these two prenatal conditions, they can go to the hospital to do B-ultrasound to measure the flow velocity and resistance of the uterine artery. If the conditions are good, then the pregnant mother can "raise the fetus" well.

Part II: Re-rational diet planning

Diet during pregnancy is the key to "breeding a baby without raising meat". This requires pregnant mothers to plan their diet reasonably.

First of all, from the early pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will have early pregnancy reactions at this time, so they will have gastrointestinal discomfort and poor diet. No need to deliberately make up at this time, as long as you can eat normally every day, the diet is mainly light, digestible porridge, noodles, lean meat, fruits, vegetables.

Secondly, during the second trimester, this is a period of rapid fetal development and high nutritional requirements. The pregnant mother's appetite will be good every day, but you must control the amount of food. The principle of diet is: diversified food, rich nutrition and balanced intake.

At this time, cereals, milk, meat, poultry, eggs, fish, etc. should be ingested quantitatively. For details, please refer to the pregnancy recipes on the Internet or in the book. In addition, this is the critical period for the development of fetal bones and various organs. Pregnant mothers should also pay attention to calcium and blood.

Finally, in the third trimester, nutritional intake should be comprehensive and balanced. However, the enlarged fetus in the third trimester will severely oppress the stomach and intestines. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to eating less and more meals, and do not eat too many foods with high salt and sugar content. Because more salt will aggravate edema during pregnancy, more sugar will cause the fetus to be too large.

Part III: Must exercise properly

If you can’t eat, you can eat more reasonably, and you will gain weight during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to proper exercise. For example, if you walk for 30 minutes in the morning and evening, you can do yoga and swimming for pregnant women in good physical condition. These not only help to keep the body slim, it is also good for production and postpartum recovery.

If you are these three kinds of pregnant mothers, it will be easier than ordinary people during childbirth.

As people's concept of parenting continues to improve, more and more pregnant mothers will choose to give birth naturally for the health of the fetus, and it must be said that maternal love is really great.

She was pregnant in October and gave birth. During pregnancy, every pregnant mother is particularly worried about the pain she will bear during childbirth. In fact, natural delivery is a very correct choice for both fetuses and pregnant mothers, and not all pregnant mothers will face many difficulties and pains during delivery.

In fact, the difficulties and pain faced by pregnant mothers during childbirth are related to many factors. Because each pregnant mother's physique and pregnancy conditions are different, the difficulties and pains faced during childbirth will vary.

If you are these three kinds of pregnant mothers, it is much easier to give birth than ordinary people, really don’t worry too much.

Pregnant mother who has practiced dance

Pregnant mothers with dance skills will have much better flexibility than normal pregnant mothers, and their physique will be healthier. This is a great advantage for pregnant mothers.

Before the pregnant mother practiced dancing, some movements of pressing the legs, splitting, and lowering the waist can make the muscles and ligaments of the lower body of the pregnant mother more resilient. Even if these dance skills have been abandoned by the pregnant mother, they can still help during delivery Pregnant mothers reduce a lot of difficulties and pain.

Pregnant mother who has had a childbirth experience

If the pregnant mother had given birth to a baby before and was born at birth, the pregnant mother will be significantly more relaxed during the second delivery. First, because the pregnant mother has already experienced it once, she will be very familiar with the delivery process and precautions, and will be able to prepare herself in advance.

Second, because the cervix of the pregnant mother has expanded once, the second uterine contraction will be easier. Not only will the pregnant mother give birth much less pain than others, but she will also spend less time than others. So, if you have given birth to a baby, please give birth to joy this time!

A pregnant mother whose fetus weighs 5-8 kg

The normal weight of the fetus is 5 to 8 pounds. Because the weight of the fetus directly affects the difficulties and pain faced by the pregnant mother during delivery, as long as the weight of the fetus is within the normal range, the lighter the weight, the more conducive to the delivery of the pregnant mother. Due to the relatively high standard of living, most pregnant mothers have larger babies.

Therefore, if your fetus is in the range of 5-8 kg, don't worry about the weight of the fetus, you should secretly be happy, because you will be much easier than other pregnant mothers during delivery.

If these types of pregnant mothers do not pay attention, it is easy to give birth to "Tang's children", but they are not lucky.

During pregnancy, we have to do a lot of examinations, the three most important of which are: four-dimensional color ultrasonography, Tang screening and sugar screening.

Of these three tests, four-dimensional examination and sugar screening are known to everyone. One is large deformity, and the other is screening pregnant women for diabetes during pregnancy. Do you understand Tang screening?

Tang screening, which is the screening test for Down syndrome, mainly tests the blood of pregnant women to determine the probability of fetus suffering from Down syndrome. If the probability is high, further examination will be performed to confirm, such as amniocentesis or villi. The reason why this test is important is because it involves the fetus suffering from "Down syndrome".

With this disease, 60% of fetuses will have miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy. Even if they are fortunately born, they will have obvious congenital stupid characteristics, such as low intelligence, special face, and growth or development disorders or deformities.

Therefore, once the fetus has unfortunately contracted "Down syndrome", it is a tragedy for the child and his family. In particular, if the following types of pregnant mothers do not pay attention, it is easier to give birth to "Tang's child", but you have the luck to harm the baby.

A pregnant mother with a family history of "Down syndrome"

"Tang's disease" is a congenital disease. "Tang's children" have appeared in the family of pregnant mothers, so we must be vigilant. My sister-in-law, a neighbor, gave birth to a "Tang'er" in her first child. However, due to poor medical conditions more than 20 years ago, her family was poor and did not check, so she did not know what caused it.

Therefore, she wanted to have a new baby, so that she would be able to rely on her later. As a result, the second child was born as a "Tang's child". Having suffered two blows in a row, she no longer dared to give birth, and is now worrying about the two children more than half a year. It is said that my sister-in-law's sister also had two children, one of whom was also a "Tang's child".

If someone in the pregnant mother's family, including her husband's family, has Down syndrome, they must be lucky. As a precaution, you can do a chromosomal test before pregnancy, and after pregnancy, you should do a Tang screening test at 15-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant mother who suffered severe radiation during pregnancy

Radiation during pregnancy affects both the pregnant mother and the fetus. The biggest impact is that the fetus may be deformed or have Down syndrome. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers usually stay away from radiation and do not come into contact with medical examinations with radiation.

A pregnant mother reported that she had an X-ray of her abdomen in the first trimester of pregnancy without knowing her pregnancy. At that time, the doctor said that there must be this radiation, but it is still difficult to define whether it will cause fetal malformation, so whether the fetus should let her decide.

Soon afterwards, she was inexplicably miscarried. Although it is not known whether the fetus in the pregnant mother’s womb has Down syndrome, it is certain that severe radiation is really bad for the fetus. Therefore, in order to avoid giving birth to "Tang's child", pregnant mothers should try to stay away from radiation.

Senior pregnant mother over 35 years old

Older pregnant mothers have more adverse symptoms during pregnancy, such as pregnancy hypertension, diabetes, etc., and they can easily produce deformed children and "Tang's children." Therefore, older pregnant mothers over 35 years old should pay more attention.

Studies have shown that the probability that a pregnant mother within 25 years of age has a "Tang's child" is 1/2000, and the probability will also increase significantly with age. The probability of a pregnant mother over the age of 35 is as high as 1/300. Therefore, elderly pregnant mothers must pay attention to Tang screening during pregnancy, and if necessary, do amniocentesis or villi examination to determine whether there is the possibility of giving birth to "Tang's children".

Obstetrician: My wife's inexplicable miscarriage may not be related to her husband's "hidden diseases"

Therefore, many obstetricians say that if the wife always miscarries, she may not be able to get rid of some "hidden diseases" of her husband. What "hidden disease"? We look at the following aspects:

Bacteria in male sperm

Studies have shown that very few men carry a certain amount of bacteria in their semen. The bacteria are not easy to detect. Men with this condition are asymptomatic spermatozoa. Once these men conceived their wives, bacteria in the sperm would cause abnormal development of the embryo in the wife's abdomen, which would lead to miscarriage.

This disease is very secretive for men, and can only be diagnosed by special examinations. Therefore, those wives who have a habitual miscarriage and can't find any men who have any problems on both sides can be suspected of being spermosis. This kind of disease is not difficult to cure. The key is that the husband should do early examination and early treatment, so as to avoid his wife suffering from miscarriage.

Male sperm quality decline

In most cases, men reject the sperm quality check, and once the wife has a miscarriage, she will find the cause of the female disease. In fact, this is a wrong perception. After all, female pregnancy, the formation of an embryo, is the result of the combined action of sperm and egg. Therefore, once the wife has a miscarriage, the husband also has to check the sperm quality, because the decline in sperm quality is also an important factor leading to female abortion.

If men regularly smoke, drink alcohol, or even take drugs, it will cause a serious decline in sperm quality, and it will also lead to chromosomal aberrations, which will reduce the quality of fertilized eggs and cause female abortion.

In addition, if men often work in an environment with high temperature, radiation, and volatilization of chemical gases, the quality of sperm will also decline, and even sperm deformity will occur, which also leads to miscarriage of his wife.

Disease causes sperm deformity

Some netizens said: "My husband has varicocele. We didn't know it before. Then I had a fetal cessation within two months of pregnancy. Later, I also had two miscarriages again. Some time ago, the two of us arrived Upon examination in the hospital, I was fine, but my husband was suffering from this disease.

The doctor said that this disease can easily lead to male infertility, even if the wife is pregnant, fetal malformation, miscarriage and abortion are also prone to occur. Therefore, now we mainly treat the disease first, and then consider the matter of having children. "

Indeed, when men have certain diseases, such as the men's varicocele mentioned by this netizen, and other diseases, such as tumors, persistent fever and other diseases, it will lead to abnormal sperm growth and deformity.

Then, it is also easy to cause the wife's habitual abortion or abortion. Therefore, if a man has a disease that easily leads to sperm deformity, he must pay close attention to treatment and then consider fertility problems.

Don’t care if you feel like this in the third trimester.

In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, attention must be paid to observing the body. If physical discomfort occurs, especially discomfort caused by false contractions, attention must be paid to it. Failure to pay attention to false contractions may cause true contractions.

What is false contraction?

The pregnant woman will have irregular contraction of the uterus in the middle of pregnancy. This contraction has no pain, but the abdomen hardens for a while, and the contraction time lasts no more than thirty seconds. This is "false contractions". As the gestational age increases, the frequency of "false contractions" will also increase.

How to deal with false contractions? What are the hazards of not processing in time?

False contractions generally occur when the pregnant woman is physically fatigued or emotionally too excited or excited. If the pregnant woman feels a burst of tightness in the abdomen, she needs to put down her work, lie down, calm herself or relax, and maintain a deep breathing position, so that the false contractions can be relieved.

If you don’t care, continue to work hard, or fall into a certain strong emotion, the false contractions may evolve into true contractions, and if the fetus is not yet full-term, it may cause premature birth. .

How to avoid false contractions?

Pregnant women must pay attention to regular work and rest in the third trimester to avoid fatigue. At the same time, don't do stressful actions on the abdomen, such as sneezing, coughing, too much force when defecating stools, lifting heavy objects, etc.

Emotions should be relaxed, not too nervous or anxious. Too much mood swings may also cause disturbance of pituitary hormone secretion, which may cause contractions. At the same time, the third trimester of pregnancy should be minimized to prevent premature delivery.

Bathing during pregnancy is also very particular, many mothers do not know

1. Do not take too long for pregnant mothers to take a bath

The bathroom space at home is relatively closed. The indoor temperature will increase during bathing and the humidity will increase, reducing the oxygen content in the bathroom. If the pregnant mother stays in this environment for too long, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, etc. will occur. Symptoms, and can cause fetal hypoxia. In severe cases, it will cause damage to the fetal nervous system, so pregnant mothers should control the bath time, not too long. At the same time, as the fetus grows bigger, the body of the pregnant mother becomes more bulky and the flexibility is reduced. The bathroom is usually slippery. If you accidentally fall, it will easily fall, which will cause great harm to the fetus and will cause miscarriage in serious cases.

2. Pregnant mothers try to choose shower and bath

Now many people like to use the bathtub to take a bath, lying in hot water after a hard day at work, especially to relieve fatigue, but the bathtub is prone to bacteria and affects the health of the body, especially for pregnant mothers, you should minimize the use of the bathtub to take a bath. Using a shower can avoid these situations, because the shower will make the bacteria stay on the body for a short time, and it is not easy to enter the body. Due to the pregnancy stage, women's resistance to external bacteria becomes poor, and the bacteria in the water easily enter the uterus through the vagina, causing harm to the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to bathing methods and change clothes, especially underwear.

3. The temperature of the pregnant mother should be appropriate when taking a bath

Pregnant mothers should choose the appropriate water temperature when taking a bath. Due to the poor constitution of pregnant mothers, if the water temperature is too high, it will stimulate the uterus, and there may be a risk of miscarriage. If the water temperature is too low, it may cause the pregnant mother to catch a cold. More appropriate. And many pregnant mothers have symptoms of palace cold due to certain reasons. In this case, the uterus is particularly afraid of cold, and dysmenorrhea often occurs. After pregnancy, the uterus of these women is also relatively fragile. If you do not pay attention to keeping warm, it will affect the normal circulation of blood in the uterus and affect the growth and development of the fetus.

For pregnant mothers, bathing is a matter that requires special attention. Both anti-slip and bathing methods must be paid attention to.

Still worrying about the child's height? These common sense moms need to know

For every parent, everyone wants their children to be tall and extraordinary. However, there are many factors that determine the height of the child, such as family genetic inheritance, the child's own physical fitness, acquired exercise and nutrition, and eating habits. Of course, in addition to the above, eating more food and nutrients that can increase height can also play a very good effect. But for some foods, parents are better not to let their children touch.

1. Food that affects the growth of children. We all know that some foods can affect the growth of children. The first are some common but easily overlooked junk foods, such as fried snacks, various flavored preserved foods, and some puffed small foods. These foods also have a large number of additives, preservatives, flavors, etc., Although it tastes delicious, it is not nutritious, and long-term consumption will lead to malnutrition.

The second is high-sugar beverages and sugars. Excessive consumption of these sugars will cause excessive obesity, and will also cause symptoms of calcium deficiency. In severe cases, it will also cause metabolic disorders in the body, affecting the absorption of calcium. Can not grow taller; In addition, there are various freezing points accompanied by sugar. These freezing points not only have high sugar content, but also damage the gastrointestinal function, affect the child's digestion and absorption, and cause the consequences of not growing up.

Second, help children grow taller. As mentioned earlier, in order to grow taller, nutrition must be sufficient first, so as to increase bone and muscle development. Some such as seafood, meat, poultry eggs, soy products, etc., contain a lot of protein that helps to grow, and milk also contains an increase factor, insisting to drink a glass of milk every day helps to grow; and zinc is also right It is helpful to grow taller. Various kinds of meat and seafood are relatively high in food. At the same time, we must ensure enough sleep, do not develop the habit of staying up late, because at night is the best time for auxin secretion, insist on going to bed early and getting up early, moderate exercise is also the secret to increase.

3. Sexual development is also related to height? Children's sex education is neglected in many families, and few people will notice the relationship between children's adolescence and height. Some studies have pointed out that children with precocious puberty and early puberty generally have a higher height at this stage, and some are even higher than their peers. This makes many parents mistakenly believe that there is no problem with the child's height. However, as the child grows older, his growth period will enter a "low tide." At this time, the parent will suddenly find that the child's height is in question, and will take the child to the doctor. It should be said that at this time the child's bones have been "shaped", it may be difficult to grow taller!

Pregnancy mothers are "exquisite" before going to bed, and they all achieve high sleep quality, which is also beneficial to fetal development

After pregnancy, many aspects should be paid attention to for pregnant mothers, especially sleep. Many pregnant mothers are affected by various reasons after sleep, but sleep is also very important. If the rest is not good, all aspects The disadvantages are many.

For pregnant mothers, after pregnancy, only if they have a good rest and high sleep quality will be more beneficial to the baby and themselves. After pregnancy, if the pregnant mother wants to improve the quality of her sleep, there are "exquisite" before going to bed, there are a few things that need special attention. Only if you can do it, you can fall asleep as soon as possible, and the quality of sleep will be higher.

Never eat too much for dinner

For pregnant mothers, you must pay attention to dinner, avoid eating too much and too full, and pay attention to the diet at night, not too greasy, too greasy food is not easy to digest, it will also increase the gastrointestinal burden, and the quality of sleep is not Good.

For pregnant mothers, during the third trimester of pregnancy, special attention is required for dinner. Generally speaking, many pregnant mothers will be tortured by frequent urination at this time. If you don’t want to fall asleep, you want to get up and go to the bathroom again. Drink too much soup water to avoid delaying sleep and affecting sleep quality.

It is recommended for pregnant mothers to drink a cup of hot milk if they are hungry before going to bed, which is also very helpful for sleep.

Proper exercise after dinner

After dinner, proper exercise is also necessary for pregnant mothers. It is recommended that pregnant mothers should not just lie down after dinner, it may be more comfortable to do nothing, but it is not good for the fetus and themselves. Especially the practice of sleeping directly after dinner is not good for sleep quality.

It is also recommended that the pregnant mother’s family, especially the prospective father, do the work of the pregnant mother, and it is best to accompany the pregnant mother by herself. After dinner, take a stroll around the home with the pregnant mother. Proper exercise can not only promote digestion , It is also good for the health of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus, and is also conducive to the pregnant mother to fall asleep at night.

Keep a good mood before going to bed, do not have too much mood swings

This is also very important. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to it before going to bed. Don’t think about unhappy things. Try to relax yourself as much as possible. You can be happy. There can be no big fluctuations in emotions. You need to pay attention to the third trimester.

If you have time to do prenatal education for your baby, hold your prospective dad together and talk to your baby about the happy things you encounter during the day. Even if you simply talk to the fetus, the fetus will be "gratified". Of course, you can let the fetus listen to some Soothing music, these lighter activities are also very helpful for falling asleep, and the quality of sleep after the pregnant mother falls asleep will be higher.

In order to improve the sleep quality of the pregnant mother, the prospective father can also rub the calf and shoulders of the daughter-in-law, the pregnant mother can also take a hot bath, bubble feet with warm water, etc. These are not only conducive to the pregnant mother to fall asleep quickly, to the fetus Development will be more favorable.

Before going to bed, pregnant mothers are "exquisite", and they can be said to have many benefits. For pregnant mothers and their families, attention should be paid to the health of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus. Only in this way can the pregnant mother have good sleep quality and good fetal development, and a family can be more at ease.

What is the difference between babies born in cesarean and caesarean section It can be seen from his first cry

As a midwife, I have been asked the most: "Doctors want me to choose a cesarean section. I can't bear the pain of giving birth too much!" I heard that cesarean section is bad for the baby, but what effect does the caesarean section have on the baby, I don’t know?

In the face of such inquiries, I can only explain to them patiently, first of all, caesarean section is not a patient's choice. As a hospital, we advocate childbirth, after all, it is best for mothers and infants.

Caesarean section is generally a helpless choice for patients after indications for surgery. In other words, if the maternity conditions are good, we will encourage you to give birth first.

However, if there are abnormal conditions on the way, such as the fetal heart rate suddenly becomes bad, or the finger opening time is too long, the fetus is embarrassed in the womb, and it will not be possible to do so without a cesarean section.

As for the impact of cesarean delivery and cesarean section on the baby, I have explained it to the mother or the family of the mother many times. It is bad for the lungs and bad for the establishment of breathing, but these explanations are too professional, and they seem to understand.

In desperation, I summed up a concise statement: What is the difference between a surplus and a caesarean baby, as can be seen from his first cry!

Why do you say that? Let's take a look at why newborns cry after birth.

When the fetus is in the mother's womb, there is no need to breathe. Both oxygen and nutrients are provided by the mother through the umbilical cord, and there is no air in the lungs, which is a very strong mass.

After birth, the newborn's body expands and the rib cage expands. The outside air will enter his lungs, expanding the lung lobes. After the oxygen is exchanged by the alveoli, it will become carbon dioxide and be discharged through the contracted lung lobes. The gas passed through the larynx and hit the vocal cords of the larynx, which gave birth to the first cry of the newborn.

It can be seen that the newborn's first cry is very important, marking that his lungs have begun to work officially, and he can breathe spontaneously!

What is the difference between the first cry of a baby born in cesarean section and a baby born by caesarean section? Normally born babies usually cry automatically after birth, and the crying is loud; but cesarean babies usually do not cry automatically after birth, requiring a doctor to clean up their nose and mouth, and the crying is weak, like a kitten.

The difference in crying indicates a difference in lung function. This is because the contractions are strong during delivery, and the fetus is squeezed through the birth canal, which will squeeze the mucus and amniotic fluid from the lungs, which is not easy to cause wet lungs.

At the same time, when the uterus contracts, the active substance in the alveoli increases, the alveoli develop more maturely, and the lung functions better. Therefore, the cry of the childbirth is much louder.

For babies born by caesarean section, there may be mucus in the lungs after birth, and there may be amniotic fluid in the mouth. It is necessary for the doctor to carefully clean up the foreign body in the mouth and nose to cry. At the same time, because the lung mucus is not completely discharged, the expiratory and inspiratory functions cannot be fully established, so the cry is weak.

Newborn baby likes to cry? Because mom didn't take the right way

Now, many post-90s have already taken the position of father and mother. Many young couples are the first time to be father and mother. They have no experience of taking care of children, and they cannot adopt the correct method of taking care of children. Most of the time, I will hear the crying of the baby, which makes parents unable to start, helpless, and do not know what to do. Therefore, some novice parents will consult their parents and think that they have rich Experience can be used for reference and adoption, but some people feel that their parents' thoughts are too old, and their methods are too old or even too superstitious, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the baby, and there will even be other negative effects. So they will go to consult relevant professional medical staff and parenting experts.

Many treasure moms are worried and troubled that the newborn baby is not easy to sleep at night. The baby sleeps unsteadily at night, crying in the middle of the night, awakening more and more times, some parents think the baby is hungry, the baby will still cry after breastfeeding; some think it is cold or hot, after taking a solution , The child is still crying, no matter what method is used, there is no way to solve it.

In fact, after asking their parents and medical staff, they all told them that they must wrap their whole body before going to bed, so as to avoid crying. However, young couples feel that this is unscientific, and will restrict the normal development of the baby, and even cause serious consequences. They will not be put into action, and the result is still unsolvable. So, why can bundled sleep solve the problem of baby crying?

First of all, when the baby is in the mother's stomach, as the body continues to grow and change into an adult, the mother's abdomen space is limited, and their activity space is naturally limited. At the end of pregnancy, the baby can only curl up in the mother's abdomen. After a long period of pregnancy, the baby will get used to this kind of sleep and lifestyle, and can only curl up to sleep. Therefore, tying up the baby can restore it to a state of pregnancy and sleep better.

Secondly, the baby is more secure. The warmth in the belly of the mother is exuded from the inside to the outside. Unlike the warmth of the outside world, the fetus enjoys the warmth of the mother in the belly, and the smell of the mother is exuded around them. They are familiar with this environment. In the package, it can bring the surrounding warmth of the baby. Although it can not be compared with the warmth in the belly, it can give the baby a sense of security. Comfortable sleeping environment improves the problem of crying and waking up in the middle of the night.

Most of the crying of the baby is caused by the parents’ wrong way of care. As long as you adopt the suggestions and absorb more experience, you can naturally improve it.