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How to relieve the pain when you love love

Ai Ai is a pleasure between husband and wife, but basically everyone will hurt the first few times in love. This is because Ai Ai’s foreplay and skills have not been mastered, so that women feel pain when inserting . So how can couples alleviate the pain during love? Come and learn quickly.

How to relieve the pain when you love love

1. Pay attention to foreplay

For women, sex foreplay is a must, especially for young women who are not experienced in sex. Sex therapists recommend that you spend at least 30 minutes before vaginal intercourse for kissing, hugging, full-body caressing each other, and oral sex. After making the vagina moist enough, sex will not hurt so much.

2. Use lubricant

After the age of 40, women begin to slowly move towards menopause. Many women cannot produce enough natural vaginal lubricants. Lubrication problems are becoming more and more common. Women who feel vaginal dryness and discomfort can use lubricants.

3. The action needs to be gentle

During sex, if you use too much force, women will still feel pain. The musculature of the female vagina will relax only when she is "warming up" and ready for sexual intercourse, and only when the penis enters slowly will it "give way" without causing pain.

4. Condom allergy

Women are allergic to condoms and cause contact dermatitis, which can lead to pain during sexual intercourse. If the female vulva skin is very sensitive, it is recommended to buy qualified high-quality products. If the vulva is red or itchy, it is best to consult a doctor. After the disease is cured, sex pain Will ease.

What should women do if they are cold?

Indifferent sex actually refers to lack of libido. In layman's terms, it means no interest in sex and decreased libido. Frigidity and anorgasmia are two different concepts. The two can occur at the same time or at different times. Therefore, frigidity can be divided into two types: with sex deficiency, sex frigid syndrome and no sex deficiency, sex frigid syndrome. So why are women so prone to indifference?

What should a woman do if she is cold?

1. The intimacy between husband and wife only appears in the bed, but not in other places.

2. Sex does not make you feel that you and your partner are connected and blended with each other.

3. In sex, one party is always active, while the other party is always passive.

4. For sex, you have no expectations.

5. Sex is just a routine for you.

6. There is no sexual fantasies for the other half.

7. Live twice a month or even once.

What should I do if I encounter frigidity?

In fact, to change female sexual frigidity, acupressure can be used to treat female frigidity. In addition, exercise is an effective way to improve sexual frigidity. Exercise can not only reduce mental stress, but also effectively improve blood circulation and sexual psychology. .

1. Exercise can reawaken your depressed body and find that you are still a sexual person. Rejuvenate the human body and enhance the self-confidence to control the environment and sexual life.

2. It can directly strengthen the waist and abdomen muscles involved in sexual intercourse and promote the secretion of sexual desire hormones, especially for women who show frigidity due to poor physical strength. Exercise can increase the supply of sex hormones, oxygen and nutrients, which is conducive to strong sex endurance. Exercise can make your waist and abdomen muscles strong and powerful, which can cause you to not feel tired during intercourse, and through different sexual asanas to enhance the emotional communication between husband and wife and enrich the sex life.

3. Exercise can reduce mental stress, make you feel more relaxed and be able to show your enthusiasm during intercourse.

4. It can treat the whole body and local blood circulation, make women [5] vaginal and pelvic congestion during sexual intercourse, produce lubrication, reduce the discomfort caused by vaginal dry friction; make the genitals more sensitive and promote orgasm.

5. Let women keep fit and enhance sexual attractiveness. Exercise can make you proud of your health and fitness, and at the same time will make your lover unrestrained and satisfied. Your lover will pour their stronger love to each other.

6. Exercise can produce endorphins in the body, help eliminate depression, treat emotions, increase sexual excitement, stimulate sexual desire, and prevent lack of pleasure in sexual life.

7. Exercise can make your muscles in the sex zone stronger during intercourse. Exercise can contract all the muscles of the pelvic muscles and vagina area, which is helpful for the treatment of bone vessel distribution, increase the congestion, and increase the blood flow rate, which will cause the vagina area to bulge. The greater the blood flow, the more sensitive the touch. The increased distribution of blood vessels will produce lubrication during intercourse and improve the quality of intercourse.

Twenty-eight secrets in bed, incredible after reading

Not everyone is devoted to studying those things about sex, but if you really want to investigate it, there are indeed many incredible secrets! Whether you care whether they are actually there, you might as well follow the editor to find out more, maybe it will improve your new understanding of sex.

Twenty-eight secrets on the bed are incredible after reading

1. Hot water bottle

Hot water bottles are not only useful in winter. Putting it under the buttocks during sex will make the blood circulation in the pelvis smoother and help you find a better position for sex.

2. The gap between orgasms

Experts discovered the fact that only 26% of women in heterosexual intercourse reach orgasm, but in homosexuals this number is as high as 86%.

4. Statistics of the number of sex

Americans topped the list with 124 sex a year, Greeks ranked second with 117 times a year, and South Africans ranked third with 116 times a year. The German ranked eighth with 105 times a year.

5. Protective drinks

Doctors in Minnesota, the United States found that washing the genitals with cola after sex can kill about 100% of sperm.

6. Sex efficiency

American sex researchers believe that it is more efficient to have sex in the office. About 8% of men and 7% of women have tried sex in public.

7. Treat migraines

British doctors found that sex can help treat migraines. Every excitement of the genitals blocks the pain. Orgasm can even increase women's pain tolerance by 70%.

8. Bad idea

The three things men don’t like to hear in bed are: "Enough now!" "My God, your baby is so small!" and "What? It's over?"

9. Favorite posture

Western Europeans still have traditional ideas about sex. Women like the way men dominate in sex, while men like the posture of women on top of men.

10. Self-help

Even with a regular sexual partner, 78% of men and 53% of women still satisfy their sexual needs through self-consolation. But not many people are willing to talk about this issue.

11. Sex practice

The following muscle exercises will help improve your response to orgasm: tighten your lower abdomen and take 5 deep breaths. Review more every day, and there will be significant results soon!

12. Juice cocktail

This product from the United States can help sperm to be discharged more smoothly. The two most popular flavors are pineapple and strawberry.

13, love words

The three most popular words that men hear in bed are: "You are great, my baby!" "No one is better than you!" and "I love you!"


The risk of contracting AIDS and other diseases through anal sex is twice that of normal vaginal sex. Despite this, in some western countries, 2% of women have regular anal sex.

How long will a woman's orgasm last?

In sex life, many people are curious about a woman's orgasm time. We all know that the orgasm time of men and women is very short, but how short is it? In fact, the female orgasm does not come just as it says, but it also needs to go through four stages. Which are the four stages?

How long will a woman's orgasm last?

1. The first stage

First, the muscles gradually tighten. About 10 to 30 seconds after sexual stimulation, the vagina begins to secrete lubricating fluid, and then the inside of the vagina begins to swell and enlarge, and the clitoris and nipples are in a state of congestion.

Second, the second stage

This stage is the so-called plateau period. In this stage, in addition to continuing the tremor and tightness of the previous stage, the heartbeat and breathing rate gradually increase, and the skin begins to turn red.

3. The third stage

Before the orgasm comes, the vagina will be congested a lot. The final result of each of the above phenomena is an orgasm that arouses infinite pleasure. Women's orgasm needs to rely on the muscle contractions of the uterus and vagina to achieve. The interval between each contraction is about 0.8 seconds. This 0.8 seconds is called the orgasm phase.

Fourth, the fourth stage

After reaching the apex, the muscle tension and congestion gradually eased back. It can be seen that the female orgasm period only lasts for 0.8 seconds, this short time is when women enjoy orgasm.

What to do if the husband needs physiological needs during menstruation

For women, it’s best not to have sex during menstruation. In fact, many people should know this. However, some men often can’t control their sexual desires, and they also bring harm to women during menstruation. She said that she should respond to her husband’s pain in time and comfort her husband through oral sex.

1. Pay attention to your teeth, it will affect the progress of oral sex.

Open your mouth as wide as possible during oral sex, or cover your teeth with your lips. But what if the man’s penis is too thick and the woman’s mouth is too small? At this time, the woman’s best to reduce the scope, make a breakthrough, and suck his glans with her mouth.

2. Pay attention to whether the penis is clean. Do not perform oral sex if the other party has STDs or you have aphthous sores.

If you don’t have these very special circumstances, you should also wash it first. At this time, you might as well take a bath together, which not only solves the hygiene problem, but also completes the foreplay of sexual intercourse.

3. Pay attention to the man's penis

A man’s penis faces upwards after erection, so when sucking the penis, try to keep the direction of the penis as consistent as possible, and don't let the penis bend excessively to avoid pain.

Why do women tremble after orgasm

There are many female friends who have performed well in their male sex life, and the phenomenon of orgasm is often very common, but most women will experience tremors when they do not have an orgasm. Why do women have an orgasm? When the tremor appears unstoppable, we must pay attention to it!

Why do women tremble more than their orgasm

What is orgasm

Orgasm is the most common sexual reaction in sex. In this reaction, women will have many physiological reactions, such as nipple erection, yin pedicle erection, and body trembling. Such sexual reactions make women enjoy the sexual pleasure zone. Give them a pleasant feeling, then, why are there so many sensitive collateral effects after orgasm, and why are they so sensitive? Today, the editor will take you to answer your questions.

After the climax, the sensitivity of yin pedicles is very common. The same is true of men’s glans. They are in a highly sensitive state after ejaculation and dare not touch them at all. , The man had to hug the woman tightly, so that the other party had no room for activity. So we do know the sensitivity of male and female genital heads during intercourse, so we give a plausible explanation from the perspective of answering doubts and training.

One of the physiological responses of the body of both sexes in the process of arousal is blood vessel dilation, especially the increase in blood flow to the genitals leads to hyperemia and swelling of the penis and yin pedicle. The swelling itself can make the penis and yin pedicle become stimulated. sensitive. In addition to the physiological changes in the genitals, the mental and emotional changes that occur in the brain (extraordinary excitement) will in turn increase the attention of both men and women to the penis and yin pedicle. After orgasm, if you stimulate the glans or yin pedicle again, it will bring discomfort, even pain and numbness, so it is understandable to avoid or avoid further stimulation consciously. The hypersensitivity of the yin pedicle will be maintained for a period of time after the orgasm, and then slowly relieved as the swelling gradually subsides. Generally, it will take a few minutes or longer. The moment when a woman's orgasm has just passed can be a little trance. Although the sexiness has spread out, but the body feels that the consciousness is still in high spirits, it will pay great attention to its own feelings.

Some women say that their breasts also become very sensitive to touch after orgasm. Some women don't mind giving further stimulation to the super sensitive yin pedicles and nipples after the first orgasm in order to experience multiple orgasms. It seems that the difference between women's sensitivity and preference is really big. Very few women's yin pedicles are too sensitive. Even the slightest friction in the clothes makes them sorrowful. I am afraid they need the help of a doctor.

There are three types of vaginal cramps in the private parts:

(1) Those who have had successful coitus and have spasms later are called secondary vaginismus;

(2) Spasms due to changes in the copulation environment are called situational vaginal spasms, which is relatively rare.

(3) If cramps occur after the first intercourse, it is called primary vaginismus;

Analyzing the causes of vaginismus, most of them are the following aspects:

a. Family education is too strict and negative on sexual aspects;

b. Suggestive inferiority and self-guilt;

c. emotional anxiety, boredom, depression, fear;

d. The trauma of the young mind;

e. Pain during the first intercourse, induce and form conditioned reflex;

f. Improper friendship operation techniques, etc.

In fact, when female friends reach orgasm, their bodies are relatively sensitive. At this time, the stimulation often leads to constant tremors in the bodies of female friends. In fact, at this time, there is also a feeling of conquering for men. In the process of sex, we must avoid the misunderstanding of going to sex!

What poses can men go deeper

In male sex, men like to go deeper and enjoy the pleasure of coming. If the sex skills are used properly, women will feel the feeling of a male sprint, which can be said to be particularly wonderful. So how can a partner who wants to feel this way go deeper?

What posture can a man go deeper

1. The male lies on his back and the female sits on it.

A woman’s upper body is upright, which can lower the uterus. As she sits straddling with her legs spread out, her mouth is greatly opened and her neck is easy to insert. Moreover, after insertion, the front end of the yin neck can touch the uterine neck, so it can promote female pleasure. However, when approaching orgasm, the muscles of the female body will contract, and the whole body will be nervous and the body will move backward. Therefore, the shortcoming of easy withdrawal of the penis will occur when the orgasm is reached. This should be paid attention to.

2. Perform the squatting position with female buttocks.

If you still cannot fit men with short sexual organs, you must move forward a little, and then bend down again, so that sexual intercourse can be more comfortable and the degree of integration is deeper.

3. Women lie face down, buttocks slightly puckered.

This posture can touch the deepest private parts of women, and it can also make people mistakenly think that the male genitals are enlarged. Men can take the darker and shallower methods, and it is best to use the left and right.

4. Women lie flat on the bed and put their legs on the shoulders of their partners.

Improving the position of the legs means improving the position of the vagina and effectively tightening it. This posture helps stimulate the female G-spot. However, if you find that the female body is moving backwards, it means that she is very uncomfortable, so don't continue this action.

5. The male sits on the edge of the bed or chair, and the female faces his partner and sits on his lap.

In this position, women can easily control the angle and depth. This is especially suitable for men to understand what is the gentle, slow and sufficient stimulation of female obsession. This position is very suitable for those who like to work slowly and carefully, because the body is very relaxed at this time.

I hope that what I have introduced to you above will allow men to enter a deeper posture and provide some reference for partners, so that they can quickly achieve their wishes. As long as the postures are applied properly and the partners cooperate with each other, together they can have a passionate sex.